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248 AC stands for the two hundredth and forty-eighth year following the Cataclysm, during the Time of Darkness in the Age of Despair.


  • Small warlords continue to rise up across Abanasinia. Minor battles break out; small fiefdoms come and go, over border wars and disputes.
  • The Gnomoi War continues between the fiery minions of Hiteh and the gnomoi of Aldinanachru.
  • The half-elf Tanis is sent back in time to 248 AC by the mage Kishpa to find his lost love Brandella. Along with the comedian Scowarr, Tanis helps save the village of Ankatavaka from human bandits. Finding Brandella, Tanis convinces her to travel into the future with him.
  • The human bandits of Brand kidnap the Qualinesti princess Elansa Sungold on the way to Bianost. The princess is forced into sleeping with the bandit leader Brand and becomes pregnant. Following the death of both her husband Kethrenan Kanan and the bandit Brand, she returns to Qualinost with the aid of the dwarf Char.