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346 AC stands for the three hundredth and forty-sixth year following the Cataclysm, during the Time of Darkness in the Age of Despair.


  • The Dragonarmies increase in size and train, in order to weed out the weak.
  • The Innfellows rescue Caramon, Sturm and Tas and journey to Karthay to stop the Nightmaster from opening a portal to free Sargonnas from the Abyss.
  • Vertumnus returns to the High Clerist’s Tower where he defeats Boniface Crownguard in battle. The knight is charged with dishonor, and reveals his crimes. Boniface is then hung for his crimes against the knighthood.
  • The Innfellows decide to separate and undertake quests to find signs of the true gods. They agree to meet at the Inn of the Last Home in five years time.
  • At the behest of Par-Salian, Raistlin Majere and Caramon Majere journey to Wayreth and Raistlin takes the Test of High Sorcery and passes, through the aid of the mage Fistandantilus. The mage assumes the Red Robes after his Test.
  • Tanis Half-Elven comes across the mage Kishpa, who sends him into the past to find his lost love. He returns to the present and creates a sculpture of Kishpa and Brandella.
  • Kitiara Uth Matar and Sturm Brightblade journey northwards towards Solamnia, both in search of details about their fathers. Kitiara decides to seduce Sturm and falls pregnant, leaving him soon after. She names the child Steel and leaves him in the care of the midwife, Sara Dunstan.
  • A rumor begins to circulate that Raistlin Majere had a child when he bedded an Irda maiden around this time. It is considered little more than a bard’s tale.
  • Tasslehoff Burrfoot returns to Kendermore for his arranged marriage, but his uncle Trapspringer Furrfoot marries his bride instead. Tas then continues on further adventures.
  • Mayor Holden completes his deal with the Theiwar for their use of the Passroad.
  • Battle of Hillhome takes place between the Neidar and Theiwar, with the hill dwarves being the victor.
  • A strange plague breaks out in Southern Ergoth, in which victims have their limbs turn into snakes and then they turn to stone. Guerrand DiThon gains the aid of Nuitari and neutralizes the curse. The curse is traced to Lyim Rhistadt who infiltrates Bastion and restores his lost arm. The gods destroy Bastion, due to its failure to protect the Lost Citadel.