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386 AC stands for the three hundredth and eighty-fourth year following the Cataclysm, in the Age of Mortals. This date is also called 3 SC by some scholars.


  • Kender run to escape from Malystryx in Balifor.
  • Kendermore falls to an army of ogres lead by the chieftain Kurthak, but at the cost of his army succumbing to kender traps.
  • Riverwind destroys Malys’s only egg and offspring, forcing her to stop her attack on the fleeing kender of Kendermore.
  • Moonsong, daughter of Goldmoon and Riverwind weds Stagheart.
  • Due to Blister Nimblefingers's successful mission to find help, Solamnic Knights help the Kender Flight reach Hylo.
  • Catt Thisleknot and Giffel are wed.
  • A bard calling himself the Herald appears on Ansalon.
  • The Knight of Takhisis begin their ruthless control surround Neraka by taking area crossroad between Kortal, Neraka, and Sanction.
  • Sara Dustan, adopted mother of Steel Brightblade, visits her son’s tomb in Solace and is given a vision, giving her hope towards a new knighthood call the Legion of Steel, who will help where Solamnics and Dark Knights will not.
  • Sara Dustan was caught spying on the Knights of Takhisis in Neraka, forcing her to fight General-Governor Mirielle Abrena in single combat. Her win earns her freedom, as well as the freedom of Nerakan converts, Derrick Yaufre, Kelena, Marika Windor, Saunder, and Argathon, who join her to build Steel’s legacy.
  • In the town of Gurnn, Tarris Canrilan digs holes, searching for water, creating a hazard and a nuisance for the townsfolks. The desperate townfolk kill him in his last hole, before they realize he did find water. In their madness and anger, they have tainted their water with Tarris’s blood.
  • Alantine, a former Red-Robe, and Eltam, a former cleric of Paladine, discover a third and previously unknown level of the during the restoration of the Library of Tarsis. They discover a lost spellbook of Fistandantilusm and a mummified Knight of Solamnia who guards it. Alantine is able to escape with the spellbook, while an undead voice warns that the now living Fistandantilus will be disappointed.
  • Kresean, a survivor of the Chaos War, rescued Dayn Songsayer, a roaming bard of reasonable skill. Kresean needs a chronicler for his heroic exploits. Dayn soon discovers that Kresean more less then heroic, but Dayn has a change of heart when his embellished ballad for the rescued villagers inspires them. Dayn joins Kresean in taking the reward money.
  • The shadowpeople that dwelt under Sanction are found missing with no apparent reason why.
  • The Order of Majere Monastery was rebuilt in Lemish.
  • Wanderer left the Qué-Shu with his son, Cloudhawk, and traveled south to the Plains of Dust.
  • Goldmoon took leadership of the united Abanasinian plainsmen tribes after her husband’s death.



  • Riverwind
  • Brightdawn
  • Yovanna
  • Paxina Thistleknot
  • Eltam
  • Tarris Canrilan