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Abanasinia found itself near the shores of the New Sea, created after the Fiery Mountain struck Krynn. Perhaps the most relaxed region of Ansalon, the plains are home to numerous tribes of plains barbarians, as well as the cities of SolaceHavenGateway and at least one hill dwarf community. Whilst the region is best known for it's wide and verdant plains, it also has a number of city states dotted throughout. Those from Abanasinia are called Abanasinian.

Though many of the villages and towns of Abanasinia were destroyed in the War of the Lance, and again following the Second Cataclysm, the inhabitants continue to rebuild their homes. The tree town of Solace is perhaps the most significant village in Abanasinia, for here the legendary Majere Family lives among the mighty vallenwood trees. Here also is the Inn of the Last Home, the most famous inn of any sort on Ansalon. North of Solace are the shores of Crystalmir Lake, and southwest of the lake are the boughs of Darken Wood, where the living dare not enter. Its borders are protected by a legion of undead soldiers, and the wood is governed by the mysterious Forestmaster.

To the east lie the grassy plains, home of the barbarian tribes. If one ventures eastward further, the plains gradually become a huge swamp, which houses the ruins of Xak Tsaroth. Abanasinia is perhaps the most sheltered of the many regions of Ansalon: with Thorbardin, the Kharolis Mountains and the Neidar Dwarf (hill dwarf) communities to its south, the swamps of Xak Tsaroth, the Eastwall Mountains and New Sea to the east, the Straits of Schallsea to the north and Qualinesti to the west, Abanasinia is well protected.

Age of Despair

Prior to the Cataclysm, the land which would become known as Abanasinia was ruled by the tribes of the plains. Whilst the Cataclysm had very little impact, it did see the majority of the tribes turn from the gods and instead revert to ancestor and totem worship as their primary religion. Many towns were founded along the coastline of Abanasinia, and more extensive trade routes were established between the towns of the region. Goblins and bandits preyed on merchant caravans, however an influx of mercenaries into Abanasinia, finally saw an end to their threat. The disappearance of the gods led to a new religion based on false gods known as the Seekers, which sprouted in Abanasinia. The Seekers formed a theocracy in the region and ruled several towns, basing their headquarters in Haven. However their reign ended with the War of the Lance.

The War of the Lance brought the Red Dragonarmy through Abanasinia, who conquered the region with Highlord Verminaard at their head. The army crushed the plains barbarians and subjugated the majority of the towns of the region to their will, enslaving many Abanasinian inhabitants in the mines of Pax Tharkas. However it was from this region that the Heroes of the Lance emerged and eventually defeated Verminaard and were the key to the end of the war itself.

Age of Mortals

The Age of Mortals saw the tribes of the plains unite under one chieftain, and also saw the port cities thrive under various merchant princes. The inland towns also grow under their respective mayors, as various exiles and refugees leave their homes to live in the free realm. The Legion of Steel formed their knighthood in the realm, basing their headquarters initially out of Solace. For the early part of the new age, the region suffered under the rule of the Dragon Overlord Beryllinthranox, however with the death of the overlord during the War of Souls, it again emerges as a free region in the post War of Souls age.


  • Haven - Unofficial Capital
  • Ankatavaka
  • Crossing
  • Digfel
  • Esker
  • Gateway
  • Goodbay
  • Long Ridge
  • Munston
  • New Ports
  • North Keep
  • Qué-Han
  • Qué-Shu
  • Qué-Talic
  • Qué-taw
  • Ravenvale
  • Sad Town
  • Solace
  • Staughton
  • Tantallon
  • Windy Vale
  • Zaradene


  • Haven Road
  • Sageway East


  • Academy of Sorcery
  • Eld Manor
  • Xak Khalan
  • Xak Tsaroth

Geographical Features

  • Abanasinian Plains
  • Crystalmir Lake
  • Cursed Lands of Newsea
  • Darken Wood
  • Darkhaven Clearing
  • Dire Wood
  • Eastwall Mountains
  • Forsaken Pass
  • Gadar's Citadel
  • Gateway Pass
  • Prayer's Eye Peak
  • Sentinel Peaks
  • Shadow Canyon
  • Solace Vale
  • White-Rage River

Mystical and Holy Sites

  • Hall of Sleeping Spirits