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The Abyss, also called the Abyssal Plane, The Abyssal, Infernal Realms, or Baator, is the home of the gods of Darkness, in the Outer Planes of the Cosmology of Krynn. Following the creation of the Dome of Creation by the good gods above the world of Krynn, The Abyss was constructed by the gods of Darkness, and provides the foundations for the Dome itself, as well as being the source of negative energy for the world. Both domains have effectively become tied to the other, and if one was to completely fall, the other would cease to exist. The Abyss is said to be a vast realm of emptiness, whose landscape can change to suit the nightmares of those who enter. The souls of all those who either worshiped the dark gods, or those who blasphemed against the other gods end up in the Abyss. Without direct intervention by particularly powerful mortals or a god, then a soul is doomed to remain in the Abyss eternally.

All the dark gods have a home within the Abyss, except for Nuitari who chose to dwell in The Gray back in the Age of Dreams. Even though Nuitari is no longer present in the Abyss, the power of his moon is ultimately sourced from the dark realm. From its creation up until the War of Souls, it was governed by the goddess Takhisis. Following the fall of Takhisis, the Abyss is now governed by Sargonnas.

It is near impossible for a mortal to enter the Abyss, except via a few singular breach points, the Gate of Souls, or the direct intervention of one of the gods. One instance where it has been known to enter the Abyss is when the Wizards of High Sorcery discovered many of their portals directly led to the infernal plane. At this time, the wizards placed a series of restrictions on the use of these portals, to prevent anyone entering or anything leaving the Abyss. Another known entry point is the shattered remains of the Temple of Istar, which was used by Takhisis as a gateway to Krynn during the Age of Despair.

Beyond the gods, there are countless creatures that dwell in the Abyss including devils, hellhounds, achaierai, barghests, xill, rakshasas, demons, howlers, nightmares, fiendish Undead, night hags, vargouilles, fiendish oozes, and fungi.

Realms of the Abyss[]