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Template:NavColumn Adlatum The sourcebook with everything players & DMs need to run a campaign in the continent of Adlatum!

The tidal wave generated by the cataclysmic strike of the Fiery Mountain sent a third of Adlatum to a watery death. Intended by the gods or not, it changed the course of history on this distant shore.

Over four centuries later, new powers have arisen. Some claim to be the promise of security, others the force for freedom, and others the gods themselves. The true gods of Krynn have only just returned from a forty-year absence, and war is breaking out across the land.

The ancient Volumes of the Prophet contained the secrets of this continent's future, but those mythic tomes are lost. With the future unknown, souls from all over Adlatum are maneuvering themselves to grab at destiny... or simply survival.

The continent of Adlatum offers a new land to be explored and discovered on the world of Krynn. New nations. New faiths. New races. New conflicts.

The Adlatum Campaign Setting is set on a new continent in the world of Dragonlance. New legends and myths are ready to unfold, and players are able to make them their own!

Below you can download the Adlatum sourcebook. For your convenience, we've provided a a file containing the entire sourcebook as well as files containing each indiividual chapter. We hope you'll enjoy the Adlatum sourcebook and we look forward to hearing about your adventures in this new continent on the Dragonlance Nexus Forums!

Adlatum Sourcebook Download (Single File)
Download the Adlatum Sourcebook (29.53 MB Adobe PDF)

Adlatum Sourcebook Download (By Chapter)
Chapter 0 - Covers and Front Material (2.54 MB Adobe PDF)
Chapter 1 - Races (3.02 MB Adobe PDF)
Chapter 2 - Classes and Feats (1.69 MB Adobe PDF)
Chapter 3 - Magic and the Gods (862 KB Adobe PDF)
Chapter 4 - Nations and Geography (11.10 MB Adobe PDF)
Chapter 5 - Organizations and Personalities (1.77 MB Adobe PDF)
Chapter 6 - Creatures of Adlatum (1.06 MB Adobe PDF)
Chapter 7 - Dragons of Adlatum (1.75 MB Adobe PDF)
Chapter 8 - Adlatum in the River (827 KB Adobe PDF)
Appendix and Maps (8.11 MB Adobe PDF)

Adlatum Sourcebook Previews
Download the PDF preview of the Avanesti Elves (311 KB Adobe PDF)
Download the PDF preview of the FyxZharar (322 KB Adobe PDF)