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Template:NavColumn Adlatum 814 PD - The Cave in and Creation of the Neskudar

In 814 PD a tragic event occurred at the path as 500 members of the Earthslasher clan were digging into a new area of the path. Unknown to them they stumbled into a chamber of Chaos containing sleeping forms. Before they entered they summoned a Stonebellow prophet and group of 20 acolytes to document the event. The miners and the priests entered the mine and expected to find the secret of the Path.

After the miners and priests entered the cavern an earthquake struck and collapsed several miles of tunnels that reached the miners. Inside the miners and priests faced unspeakable horrors as the forces of Chaos awoke and battled the dwarves. Although the Chaos force was small they deal massive causalities.

Shadow wights of Chaos attacked the priests first and wiped their existence from people's memory. The miners retreated into a small opening and attempted to hold off the Chaos force. After a month of fighting the last of the forces of Chaos were defeated but the cost was high to the dwarves. Nearly 400 members of the Earthslasher clan had disappeared from the touch of the wights. Only 34 miners were rescued even though they found the gear for hundreds more and mysterious prophet and acolytes robes.

The miners who were rescued had been physically changed by the ordeal. Their skin has gone pale and they were deathly afraid of going underground again. The miner's leader Ton Blacklight met with the Adlar High Prophet Hind Stonebellow and told him what he knew of the creatures they face. Hind recorded the conversations but kept it a secret from the other prophets knowing that such stories were dangerous. He then decided that it would be best to eliminate the Earthslasher clan as many of them were displaying the effects of memory problems.

Ton Blacklight met with the Earthslasher's patriarch and convinced him of the story and explained why so many of the dwarves living on the Earthslasher mesa were suffering memory problems. A young acolyte, Micah Stoneplow, arrived and explained what Hind had ordered to happen that night.

That night the entire Earthslasher clan traveled in secret off of their mesa leaving nearly all of their possessions behind. They were able to elude the Adlar warriors as they prepared to attack the mesa. When the Adlar reported to Hind of the Earthslasher's disappearance he placed a bounty on every Earthslasher's head to help keep the secret.

Hind ordered that the city be sealed and that no dwarf should ever enter it. He renamed the Earthslasher mesa to the City of the Unbelievers. He then ordered the Adlar military to pursue and kill the Neskuda.

813-796 PD War between Neskuda and Adlar

The Adlar chased the Neskuda all over southern Adlatum in hopes of catching them. They cornered them finally in 796 PD and the Battle of Still Waters occurred as these two forces finally met. The Neskuda managed to rout the Adlar forces and followed the retreating Adlar forces back to Azoine.

795 PD Raid on Azoine

The Neskuda raided Azoine to steal items that they believe would prevent the unleashing of the monsters they fought. The Adlar were caught completely offguard as the army had just returned from reporting that the Neskuda were routed and would not be a threat. The Neskuda stole many items including the journal of Adlar Stonebellow, the Crown of Ral, and the Axe of Barth.

795-778 PD - The Wandering

The Neskuda began to travel Adlatum in search of a place to settle. The miners that were originally affected by the cave-in were slowly unknowingly transforming their clan into what they had become. As they wandered the dwarves began to travel by night as a number of the members of the clan had become sensitive to sunlight.

778-732 PD - Enslavement

The Neskuda were captured during the day by a large force of minotaurs. They were then forced to work in the mines as slaves. After forty years they escaped and fled to the swamps of Sodbottom. After they entered the swamps the dwarves used their earth magic to enhance the swamp's mist to provide protection from the sun.

732-483 PD - Growth of the Three Cities

The Neskudar founded three cities in the swamps and named them Sodbottom, Wa-nax, and Awarthah. This was a time of slow growth and the dwarves that lived there were unknown to outsiders.

483-482 PD - War with the goblins

Small tribes of goblins attempted to move into the swamp, but were surprised to find a clan of dwarves already living there. They then attempted to force the dwarves out of the swamp but were driven out themselves.

482 PD-311 AD - The Neskudar Nation

The Neskudar did not grow much for several centuries and were content with just living in the swamps. They did explore, a little, outside of the swamp and this led them to believe that all outsiders sought to kill them for being different.

311-342 AD - The War of the Pretender

The Neskudar discovered an ancient relic that had been lost during the Minotaur enslavement, the Crown of Ral. The crown was discovered by the Neskudar General, Ros Earthstriker, who believed this was the key to obtaining the throne of the Neskudar. The Neskudar chieftain Bridge Earthslasher began a bloody civil war to obtain the crown from the General.

The dwarves of the Neskudar split into two factions and develop into a warlike society. The two sides then fought a bitter civil war, in which ended in an uneasy truce. A compromise was worked out by the two leaders in which Bridge would remain the figurehead of the empire while Ros would control the army and laws.

342-383 AD - Rebuilding of the Neskudar

Following the civil war the Neskudar rebuilt their cities. The Neskudar underwent a period of healing as both sides put aside their anger and worked for the betterment of their clan. The most notable event during this time was the death of Bridge Earthslasher who died in his sleep and Ros appointed Bridge's son Duncan as the new chieftain.

383 AD - The Dream

Reorx appeared to the Neskudar and asked them to stop the Adlar from opening the door. They listened to Reorx and agreed to try to stop the Adlar. The Neskuda then marched from their homeland to the Adlar city of Azoine and prepared to destroy the Adlar to prevent the door from opening. The Neskudar though arrived too late for the Adlar had already opened the door and were being attacked by the forces of Chaos. When the Neskudar neared the Path they also were attacked by the forces. They then retreated back to Sodbottom Swamp but were followed by the forces of Chaos.

383-408 AD - The Assault by Chaos

The Neskudar battled with the forces of Chaos in their swamps for several years following the opening of the Path. They managed to destroy the forces in 408 AD, but the cost was high as all but one of their cities was destroyed. Many of the Neskudar had reached the breaking point from the stress caused by continual war and plotted to take revenge on the Adlar for their meddling in the affairs of gods.

408-421 AD - Current Affairs

The Neskudar planned on sending their remaining forces to Azoine to destroy the Adlar dwarves. They have planned on rebuilding their lost cities and believe that all outsiders are the enemy.