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The Aesthetics are peaceful scholars who do research, write books, and keep an eye on Krynn's history as it passes by. They are based out of the Great Library of Palanthas in Palanthas, and answer to Astinus.

The Order of Aesthetics is an order of Monks dedicated to Gilean, God of the book. They work day and night writing, transcribing, recording, filing, and compiling the books held within the Great Library of Palanthas. They wear grey robes of their order and most usually will shave their heads bald.

As followers of a Neutral God, they do not take sides in any conflict. They view their job as protecting the knowledge of the ages, preserving it for future generations. Although most will work their entire lives at the Great Library, some will be given missions to travel the breadth of Krynn.

List of Known Aesthetics[]