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Agate Coalglow (? - 2150 PC), like his friend Cale Greeneye, split-bearded Agate Coalglow lived in Thorin along with the rest of the Calnar Dwarves.

In the year 2150 PC the Thorin border patrol to which Agate belonged fell victim to an ambush by Human mercenaries. None of the Dwarves led by Sledge Two-Fires survived the battle.

The humans' victory was costly. Agate alone slew six mercenaries with his sword and even after a spear was put through his heart from behind, he managed one last stroke, severing the hand of one more foe.

Dying, his last words were "Thorin! ... Thorin-Dwarfhome! Thorin-Everbardin ... hope and comfort, welcome this one home ..."

Shortly before the ambush, another border guard had joked about Agate finding more comfort in the bright eyes of Lona Anvil's-Cap than any of Lobard's ale could match. He would never again find comfort in her eyes on Krynn.


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