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Ak-Khurman is a small walled city located in the southeastern part of the realm of Khur, perched on the shores of the Khurman Sea. The city began as a small fishing village called Palo-Ben, and was founded by a small group of local tribesmen. The village began to prosper as first a harbor was built, and then a lighthouse. The lighthouse attracted the attention of the Mikku Tribe, who had just claimed a swath of land in the southern part of Khur, as part of their new khanate. The Mikku took over the town from the locals, and developed it further over the next few centuries into a large town.

By the War of the Lance, Ak-Khurman was a well-developed walled town, which was forced to accept the Green Dragonarmy inside their walls. The Mikku tried to profiteer from the Dragonarmy troops; however things turned sour when the daughter of the khan was killed by a green dragon. The Mikku then put all their energies into undermining the Dragonarmy and ultimately drove them from the town.

In the Age of Mortals, the red dragon Malystryx dominated all of Khur, and Ak-Khurman fell under her sway. When the Legion of Steel offered their aid, they were welcomed into Ak-Khurman, and allowed to setup a cell. The Legion protected the folk of Ak-Khurman from the Knights of Neraka, proving their worth quite quickly. Refugees from ravaged nations have continued to flock to Ak-Khurman. The most notable refugees are elves, who have left their broken nations and found a safe haven here. The elves have even established their own district in recent times.

Access to the city is only made through the docks in the northeast part of the city, or via the East Gate and West Gate in the southern part of Ak-Khurman. The city gates are tall iron-bound doors that are around fourteen feet tall and are set into a twenty-foot stone wall. The gates are guarded by Legionnaires, and the East Gate and West Gate are separated from eachother by 300 feet.

The elven district is located in the southwestern part of town, whilst the business district is located in the central western part of Ak-Khurman. The slums of the town are set in the northwestern section, and the Khurman Tor is situated in the central northern tip of the city.

Buildings of Ak-Khurman[]