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"Medan" redirects here. For his father, see Andruis Medan.

Alexius Medan (366 AC - 421 AC) was a Knight of the Lily and ruler over the Qualinesti Elves during and after the Chaos War. He had a sun-darkened, heavily-lined face, gray eyes, dark hair and brows, was well-built, and tall. He was born the son of Andruis Medan.

Early Life

Alexius was born into a rich family. Never knowing his mother, who died when he was a baby, he was raised by his father who was a hard man, strict, and inflexible. He was taught a code of honor that was strict, hard, and inflexible, and that chaos was the great evil, while order was the great good by his father.

When Ariakan was seeking money to form the Knight of Takhisis, he came to see Baron Andruis, who readily agreed to help with money. His supplied much of the funding for the creation of the knighthood. It was only natural that Alexius would join the knighthood, and so he did, expecting no special treatment and receiving none.

He started at the bottom as a squire, and quickly moved up through the ranks until he was ready to receive his Vision from Takhisis and join the ranks of knights. In his Vision, he was shown the world trapped in a prison house of peace, with none daring to dissent or to question. Medan approved of this Vision.

Chaos War

During the Chaos War, he had proved to his commanders enough to be the lead commander in the conquest of Qualinesti. Razor, his trusted Blue Dragon, and he quickly went with their army to the borders of Qualinesti during the invasion of Ansalon, and simply had to await the nobles of Qualinesti to fight among each other and take advantage of it. When the elves had brought down their own home, he marched in as a victor over the lands.

He became known as a harsh, but fair ruler over the lands. he brought peace and allowed for the elves to live their own lives. He never used extermination squads to simply kill off elves. He allowed for Gilthas Kanan to remain in power as Speaker of the Sun, knowing he was being used as a puppet. Alexius despised Gilthas for being weak and vacillating.

Age of Mortals

After the Summer of Chaos, Alexius went into isolation in his garden. With the loss of both Ariakan and Takhisis, he had to attempt to put his shattered ideals back in order. He still saw the Dark Knights as the world's salvation, but saw that they were falling prey to ambition and greed. They abandoned the Vision, and standards were lowered to allow for more knights to quickly join the knighthood. Eventually, in Alexius view, the knighthood became little more than a training ground for thugs and rogues.

By 390 AC, Alexius had grown to love the lands he was in charge of. He found honor and courage still did exist in the world, it was only with the elves he had taken over rather than his own knighthood. The Queen Mother Laurana Kanan also captivated him, and he began to fall in love with her rather than the knighthood. He came to view himself as a protector of Qualinesti, and saw the Dragon Overlord Beryl as a threat to his new homeland. He would choose to work with her in some things, and against her in most.

War of Souls

When the War of Souls broke out across Ansalon, Alexius discovered an assassination plot against Gilthas and killed the assassin. He then joined with Gilthas and Laurana in having the elves evacuate the city, and save them from the attack by Beryl. As the elves were being led away, Alexius and Laurana formed a plan to defeat Beryl. As they were going to spring their trap on Beryl, Alexius was killed by Kelevandros, the grief-stricken brother of Kalindas whom Alexius had been using as a spy on Laurana.

Beryl was killed, Qualinost became the Lake of Death, and the Queen Mother was killed, but Alexius is one of the few humans to be held in high regard by the elves from Qualinesti.

Kender Tales

In Dragons of a Lost Star it states that Alexius was the son of a serf, which in his bio in Age of Mortals, Andruis was a very rich Baron.