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Algandothustokranthetoragon (Algando) (? AC - ? AC) was a male Minoi gnome that was the First-Maker of Ilmach. Algando was a grossly overweight gnome that was the thirty-first First-Maker, in a long and respected line of rulers. Due to his immense size, he had a great degree of difficulty in even walking, and had commissioned a movable bench to carry him from place to place. He had a small tuft of a beard, a neck lost amongst multiple chins and constantly thought about food.

In 425 AC, Algando granted an audience to Shedara, Hult, Nakhil and Azar Forlo, who told him of the fall of Suluk and of the threat of Maladar an-Desh. He told the companions of the disappearance of the fire-minions and that he suspected Maladar was gathering them as part of his forces. Algando then sent the companions on the way, giving them leave to use of his people's fireships to sail further into the heart of Hitehkel.


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