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Alhana Starbreeze (? - ? AC) was born the only known daughter of the Speaker of the Stars Lorac Caladon and his wife Iranialathlethsala of the Silvanesti Royal Family. She grew up in a sheltered life in Silvanost, and was taught on how to become a good leader of the Silvanesti Elves. It was known that she had at least one cousin named Kiryn Caladon.

Alhana was known to have had long black hair, porcelain white skin, dark purple eyes, graceful, and to have appeared cold, aloof, and imperious when outsiders and other non-Silvanesti, first met her.

Early Life[]

Not much was known about Alhana before the war. It is known that she lived a pampered life in Silvanesti, and was educated to become the next Speaker of the Stars. She was also known to have gathered roses in the Garden of Astarin when she was in her 30s.

War of the Lance[]

When the War of the Lance came to Silvanesti, the Dragon Highlords began what was later termed The Silvanesti Campaign. Lorac sent his people to Southern Ergoth with his daughter Alhana as their leader. Upon arriving, her people tried to set up and settle in their new city of Silvamori. Shortly after, Alhana heard word that Silvanesti had fallen to the Dragonarmies, so she decided to swallow her pride and go to Tarsis to seek Human assistance in freeing her nation.

Before she went to Tarsis though, she attended the first Whitestone Council meeting. She was worried about an alliance between the humans and the Qualinesti and would have stopped it if it had happened. This was a worry that she did not need to have though.

Upon arriving, she found that no one was willing to help the elves free their nation from the Dragonarmies. She was told to leave the city, and when she did not, she was brought before the Lord of the city. There she was roughed up in front of a young Knight-to-be named Sturm Brightblade. He did not agree with her treatment and helped her to her feet, not knowing she was an elf. As soon as their eyes met each other, there was instant sparks of feelings for each other. Alhana was then ordered to jail along with Sturm, Tanis Half-Elven, Gilthanas Kanan, and Flint Fireforge.

While enroute to the city jail, Knights of Solamnia Brian Donner, Aran Tallbow, and Derek Crownguard rescued them. When Tarsis was under attack, Alhana ran with Sturm through Tarsis' streets. Sturm pulled her into a doorway when a dragon swept through and fried everyone in the street. Her heart melted even more for Sturm and she allowed Sturm to keep her Starjewel, but she went a different way than him. Alhana then disappears and doesn't reappear until the Tarsis attack had passed. She went to the Red Dragon Inn and dug out Tanis, Raistlin Majere, Caramon Majere, Goldmoon, and Riverwind. Together they all mount Griffons and head off to Silvanesti.

Silvanesti Nightmare[]

When she and her companions arrived in Silvanesti, she ran blindly into the forest. There Lorac's Nightmare caught her and a Green Dragon by the name of Cyan Bloodbane captures her. He then brought her to her father and tried to make Lorac murder her, but he just couldn't do it. Eventually Tanis and his friends defeat the dream and are able to free Alhana and Lorac from it, but Cyan was able to escape.

Alhana then watches over her father as he passes away. She then decides to give the Dragon Orb, along with a magical bag to hold it, to Raistlin. When Tanis and his friends leave, Alhana stays and buries her father at the foot of a tree. Alhana continued living in Silvanesti awaiting some sort of sign.

She received it when her starjewel went from glowing brightly, to dull and dead. She knew instantly that her love Sturm had been killed. She took this as a sign that there was no hope, and ran from the Tower of the Stars to where she had buried her father, thinking of just dieing. She instead saw a lively tree growing up where she had buried her father, and knew it was time to return to her people. She then went on griffon back back to Southern Ergoth and her people.

Alhana goes again before the Whitestone Council and convinces the other nations to put aside their petty differences and join in an alliance. She even convinced Porthios to join in an alliance of marriage with her even though her heart was buried in the High Clerist's Tower. Together they formed the Whitestone Army and drove the Dragonarmies out of all their lands.

Post War of the Lance[]

Following the war, Porthios and Alhana were married in about 362 AC in what everyone knew was a bold political move on both their parts. So while Porthios took the Silvanesti armies to Silvanesti to cleanse Lorac's Nightmare from the forest, Alhana stayed in Qualinesti to rule the people. Over the next few years, Porthios and Alhana's marriage grew into something more. They fell in love with each other and by the year 382 AC Alhana was ready to give birth to her first child.

By this same year senators in both Silvanesti and Qualinesti no longer wanted to see a unified elven nations and conspired to get both Porthios and Alhana removed from their Speakerships. Eventually Alhana was arrested in Qualinost by Senator Rashas along with her bodyguard Samar. They were both freed by Dalamar Argent and the hero Tanis Half-Elven, but in the process both were branded Dark Elves.

In this same year, Porthios and Alhana make their way with the other elves of House Tessiel to the tree city of Solace. Alhana was welcomed into the Majere Family home and she gave birth to her first son Silvanoshei Caladon.

Chaos War[]

When the Chaos War broke over Krynn, Alhana was sent into hiding with her new son to hide him from forces of both elven nations so that they wouldn't try and take the child from her. Her husband Porthios went to Qualinost during this time to help in the defense of the city. Her husband fought a Fire Dragon during this war, and he fell during the battle and most presumed he was dead.

Age of Mortals[]

A heartbroken Alhana led her rebel elves to the lands of Silvanesti to try and capture back her throne for her son. But the Silvanesti raised the Silvanesti Shield to prevent the new Dragon Overlords from coming into their lands to try and take them over. So during all this time, Alhana and her band tried to find a way through and fight Ogres and other evil creatures that tried to kill her band. She did find out that her husband lived through the last war, but was horribly disfigured. Alhana kept in contact with him through elven runners due to the fact that he was staying in the lands of the Qualinesti.

War of Souls[]

In the machinations of the War of Souls, the Shield collapsed. She learned that her son sat on the throne of Silvanesti as a puppet king when he was seperated from her band. She also found that Mina and her Dark Knights were in control.

In despair, she witnesed her son abandon his throne to follow his love for this human woman to Sanction. Alhana meets up with Gilthas' people who have escaped from a doomed Qualinost and their armies join up. As a unified elven army they march on Sanction to get her son back, but were attacked by ogres while enroute. They were able to get out of the trap when the Metallic Dragons returned to Krynn and destroyed the ogre army.

The joined armies arrived in Sanction in time to battle against the forces of the One God. Following the battle, Alhana learned that her son was killed by Mina. This crushed Alhana and drove her mad with grief for a time.

Post War of Souls[]

Following the death of her son, a heartbroken Alhana gave up the leadership of the Silvanesti all together. She instead gave the Silvanesti crown to Gilthas Pathfinder, and decided to return to the lands of Qualinesti to find and live with Porthios. It is currently unknown was has become of her since.

Kender Tales[]

Another date of 356 AC was given as their marriage date, but they were married a few years after this date.


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