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Alleran Waylan ( Chisel 16, 312 AC - ? AC) was a known to have taken a liking to one of Otik Sandath's barmaids, and together they had one daughter in a Tika Waylan Majere.

Alleran was a wiry man with curly auburn hair, twinkling green eyes, and a ready smile. He stood 5'7" tall and weighed 135 pounds. He was a charming man, always leaving acquaintances smiling, though their purses were a little lighter in the process. Alleran never took more than his victims could afford, and they were usually grateful for the entertainment.

Age of Darkness[]

He began making his living at carnivals and fairs with his sleight of hand. He then met with a traveling wizard who, in return for the extra security of a traveling companion, taught him some minor spell abilities.

Waylan had married, though the history around it is cloudy at best. There are two different stories on what happened to this family. The first is that Alleran ran out on his wife and daughter Tika and that Tika's mother couldn't handle raising her on her own, so Otik adopted her. While the other is that his wife died during childbirth and he was left to raise his daughter, Tika, on his own. Waylan and Tika traveled the countryside putting on shows for whatever they can collect.

Titles and Nicknames[]

Alleran Waylan took the name Wonderful Waylan in his traveling act.