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Alyssa Glanowin (? - ? AC) was a devout priestess of Mishakal. Alyssa tends to be too trusting of all that she meets, and is always willing to aid those who are in need or ailing. She is a studious and devoted disciple, with her future as a priestess very prominent.

She is a small young woman, and because of her youthful features she is often mistaken for a child. Alyssa has curly brown hair down just below her ears and fair skin.

Early Life[]

Alyssa decided to be a follower of Mishakal after a group of heroes battled draconians in her village. Erima, one of the heroes and a follower of Mishakal, tended to the sick and hurt after the heroes won the battle in her village. This was what attracted Alyssa to becoming a priestess, this display of caring. Alyssa and the survivors of her village traveled to a neighboring town where Alyssa went with Erima to the temple dedicated to Mishakal. There Alyssa's enthusiasm towards the gods of old so attracted the attention of the members of the temple that she was invited to stay and learn. So, with Alyssa's parent's permission, she stayed at the temple, studying devoutly to become a priestess of Mishakal.

Priestess of Mishakal[]

Alyssa has begun to travel in the territory around the temple to bring word of her faith to all that will listen. This was her part in trying to rebuild the world after the War of the Lance. She has been known to travel with two squires named Merek and Suthor who are training to become great Knights of Solamnia. As part of their training, they are escorting naive Alyssa to the surrounding towns.


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