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Am Durn was a magnificent city of the ancient Aurim Empire, whose walls were covered in silver and whose towers gleamed green with malachite. Am Durn was the third-greatest citadel of the Aurim Empire, as well as a city of song, art, and peace. However this peace was shattered when the sultanate of Olm rose in rebellion against the throne and a request for aid came from the emperor Maladar an-Desh to help quell the rebellion. The prince of Am Durn refused to send aid, and earnt Maladar's wrath.

In reprisal, Maladar summoned a thousand-foot-high wall of water to descend upon Am Durn, smashing its academies and amphitheaters, and drowning the entire population. When the waters finally receded, nothing remained of Am Durn but kelp-choked rubble and broken bodies. The wrath of Maladar an-Desh had wiped Am Durn from the face of Krynn.

Maladar then granted the outlying undamaged fiefs of Am Durn to Iadro, the mightiest of his generals, one of the Seven Swords.