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Ambeoutin XI (? AC - ? AC) was a male Minotaur that was the thirteenth Emperor of the Imperial League. A direct descendant of Eragas the Brutish, the young minotaur was born with the belief that he was destined to rule the Imperial League, even though he was only the nephew of the current emperor Ambeoutin X. Prior to his rule, he went by his birth name of Chaerias, and was educated alongside Krasus, the emperor's son. However whilst Chaerias was brilliant in both fighting and education, Krasus was lacking. To supplement this, Krasus used underhanded tricks to lay Chaerias low, and make himself look better.

Finally Chaerias grew tired of Krasus' tricks, and challenged him to a duel in the Imperial Arena. Chaerias easily slew the cowardly minotaur, and then later challenged his uncle to a fight in the arena. After a long and drawn out battle, eventually Chaerias emerged victorious and was crowned as the League's ruler. Shortly thereafter he had his uncle's immediate family executed, believing they would try to undermine his rule or orchestrate reprisals.

The emperor was bordering on being racist, believing that all races other than minotaurs and Dragons were little more than scum to be used and tossed away. He also grew increasingly paranoid during his rule, believing that he couldn't trust anyone, but was completely unaware that one of his advisors was magically controlling him through suggestions and that he was little more than a puppet ruler.