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Amphi Dragons (or Amphidragons) are a type of dragon that lives on Krynn. They are regarded by other dragons in a similar fashion as half-ogres are regarded by humans: they got the worst of both worlds. Amphi dragons can't fly, and they look like a giant toad that is sea-green in color. They attack ships at sea, often without provocation, and use spells and their acidic breath weapon to bring them down. They are covered with yellow acid-oozing warts, and may use their tongues to catch "flies" like a frog. They are also able to shift the color of their skin to match their surroundings.

Amphidragons can breed with each other and produce offspring. Oddly enough they can also be produced between a union by a green dragon and a sea dragon or a black dragon and a sea dragon. This leads some sages to theorize on the origins of the species.

Amphi Dragon Lands[]

Amphi dragons tend to live near or in water. Typically swamps, lakes, or on coral reefs in the ocean, although in the deep ocean is not unheard of. When living on land they tend to live in tropical or semitropical locals. Known locations include: Estwilde, the Great Swamp, the Great Moors, and near Watermere.

The amphi dragons near Watermere came into being from a green dragon and a sea dragon allied to the Sea Witch Sagarassi. The union produced a clutch of eight eggs. Sagarassi made sure that all eight lived and she gave them a section of land southeast of the sea dragons allied to her. Some believed that the Sea Witch cast some spell on the dragons so that they would reproduce quickly because in a few decades their numbers where about three thousand. Seven handpicked amphi dragons with seven sea dragons made up Sagarassi's honor guard.


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