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Angat was a Wemitowuk village. The site lies on the northern half of Schallsea, east of Tilawa Brook, and on the western side of the Barren Hills. A mile north of the site is a sacred Wemitowuk Burial Ground. Angat appears to be a town abandoned by its people, but no one can remember who lived there or what happened there. The only way people seem to know anything about the site is from written records in books like those collected by the Sage and Iryl Songbrook’s diary. Those that visit the site may sense dread and an unseen force watching their every move.

Post War of the Lance[]

At this time, Angat was the largest Wemitowuk village on Schallsea. The hills to the north and southeast were terraced to grow the village’s crops of beans, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and tobacco. The south of the village was their corn fields. Also, numerous small gardens surrounded the village. The northern edge of the village was their Spirit Pole. The village comprised of several dozen cone-shaped tents. The tents were comprised of pole frames covered in brush, mud, and animal skins. The animal skins were of animals they had found already dead since the Wemitowuk detest killing. The chieftain of the village at this time was Chief Owalago and its shaman was Pawjada.

Chaos War[]

In 383 AC, Angat was attacked by shadow-wights. To others on the island, it would appear that everyone in the village vanished, but at the same time no one could recall anyone that lived there.

Post Chaos War[]

A Wemitowuk chieftain, Dalalanic, declared the site of Angat to be taboo. No Wemitowuk will resettle the area even though it has great farmland.