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Angriff Brightblade (300 AC - 335 AC) was a Knight of the Rose and father to the Hero of the Lance Sturm Brightblade, husband to Ilys Brightblade. As being the head of the Brightblade Family, he was able to carry Brightblade into his battles. His retainers were Bren and Marbred, and being good friends with Gunthar Uth Wistan, he would often dine at Castle Uth Wistan.

Early Life[]

Angriff was the first son of Emelin Brightblade, and was born in Castle Brightblade. From an early age, Angriff was trained in the Warrior arts, but he never thought that the Order was life. He would joke around and be a generous person with gifts. After he attained the rank of Knight of the Crown he went on his first campaign in the Fourth Nerakan Campaign. While there, he picked up the knack of being able to tell when a person wanted to kill him.

After Angriff returned from Neraka, he fine tuned his swordmanship, and became very, very good with Bright Blade. He was known in battle to be a bit reckless, with most Knights thinking he should have been more conservative. This wasn't Angriff's way though, and he won his battles.

In 320 AC, Angriff married Ilys, and shortly after that his father Emelin passed away. Angriff suddenly found himself in charge of Castle Brightblade and the surrounding lands. While on a journey in the wastes of Estwilde a month after he was married, Angriff went missing. Much about this journey is unknown, but Angriff came back a changed man. By 322 AC, Angriff became the proud father of Sturm.

Angriff's skill with the sword grew to the point that he became the best swordsman of all the Knights of Solamnia. He was even able to defeat his childhood friend Boniface Crownguard with nothing more than an olive branch to Boniface's sword. This would be something Boniface would never forget, and would make Angriff pay for someday. While heading up the Brightblade Castle, Angriff had to borrow heavily on his lands in order to keep them up and proficed aid to the poor and destitute under his protections.

The Rebellion[]

Eventually peasants from the lands of Lemish, Southlund, and Solamnia rose up against the Knights whom they blamed for their impoverished ways. The Rebellion, or Outcrying, would be led by Ragnell in 335 AC. After having torched Vingaard Keep, Ragnell's forces moved on to Castle Brightblade and surrounded it initiating the Siege of Castle Brightblade.

Angriff gave his men a choice, they could leave or they could stay. Eighty chose to leave the castle and return to the lands, while the rest, including Alfred MarKenin, Gunthar, Boniface, and Vandar Brightblade chose to stay to defend the castle. Angriff ordered Soren Vardis to smuggle out his family, while he and his knights stayed behind to defend the castle. Angriff was holding out hope that his friend Agion Pathwarden would arrive in time with his soldiers. Those soldiers never arrived.

Agion and his entire troop were ambushed, and slaughtered by the rebels. Boniface and Sir Vertumnus had met with the rebels, and Boniface paid them to attack and kill Agion, which they did. After news arrived to Castle Brightblade, Vertumnus was accused of betraying Angriff, and he ran from the castle.

Angriff saw the situation did not look good for his troops, and so he made a decision. He turned himself over to the Ragnell and Merinsaard's rebels, allowing for his soldiers, loyal knights, and friends to escape from the Castle unharmed. Angriff, it is said, went to his fate without Brightblade, his armor, and laughing the whole way. He was never seen or heard from again.

Rumors After The Rebellion[]

Sturm did attempt to find his dad in the Autumn of 346 AC after having a dream about him running from Trackers of Leereach. Upon returning to Solamnia, the only thing he found was his father's sword Brightblade and his armor. He also confirmed that his father was indeed dead.

Kender Tales[]

In the story Dragons of the Dwarven Depths his father was referred to as Angor Brightblade, but this is wrong. Also, in Issue #3 – 'Nightwatch' of the DC Comics, Angriff was killed by a stray arrow while arguing with his brother Vandar, but this didn't happen.


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