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Anhalstrax (? - 426 AC) was a female aquatic dragon. She was a long sinewy creature and had blue tiger stripes on green scales. The length of her body had the typical aquatic dragon frills along it. Her head and snout seemed birdlike. Anhalstrax's eyes were cobalt.

Anhalstrax made her lair under the Valiance Coral Fields in the Courrain Ocean. Her lair contained many treasures including an ancient seal that she found while mapping the Dead Well.

Post War of Souls[]

In 426 AC, the fire dragon Blazewight targeted Anhalstrax. Blazewight wanted her out of the way so that the dragon would not interfere with his plans to open a portal to Chaos. Blazewight's forces of magori, Undead, and Mahkwahb attacked with the help of a Legion Coral. Anhalstrax managed to escape, but not before the Legion Coral fatally wounded her.

Back at her lair, she met Apoletta, Utharne, and Brysis. The Matriarch sent the sea elves to the dragon when they asked her how to stop the World Gash. Anhalstrax showed them the seal she recovered from the Dead Well. The seal was written in Sacayasse (an ancient Elvish Language) and talked of the Yaggol and Impaling Thrones. Anhalstrax then sacrificed herself and fought Blazewight so that the sea elves could escape.