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Aquironian (? AC - ? AC) is a bold Dargonesti Elf that was nominated to the position of Speaker of the Moon by the city of Darthalla. After the city was cut off from Watermere following the Chaos War, the elves there saw little choice but to nominate their own Speaker. The city of Dargonest soon followed and showed their support for Aquironian.

He is married to a beautiful sea elf by the name of Shimmeral. Many Dargonesti elves are jealous of Aquironian for having such a beautiful wife. Not much else is known about Aquironian.

Post War of Souls[]

After the War of Souls and the return of Magic, easy communication was established again with Watermere but Darthalla and Dargonest continued to refuse to follow Watermere's Speaker over theirs. In 426 AC, Aquironian sent representatives to the marriage of Mercy Windspeaker and Berrion Silverwake, although relations among the various Dargonesti there was tense.


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