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Arcyan Crest was a magical artifact that was created by Hanis Arcya of the House of Arcya. It was about the size of a medallion with the symbol of the House of Arcya set upon it. Its a ruby set in the midst of two warring Griffons of gold that each of diamon eyes that glare at the other. Above them a Kingfisher flew with a Sword and Shield in its talons. Tiny encrusted points thrust out from every edge of the artifact, making it look like a miniature sunburst. It is a very powerful magical artifact.

In 413 AC, a Black Robe named Mendel wanted the artifact. He used Vandor Grizt, whom Mendel had trapped in the mirror world, to take it from a little girl named Gabriella Prester. After taking it, the Arcyan Crest was destroyed from keeping it for too long in the mirror world. It actually was not destroyed and returned to Gabriella, whom upon learning of Vandor's fate gave it to him so he could have his body back. When Vandor was about to give it back to Mendel, he found out his body was long gone and he would be trapped in the mirror world forever. In revenge, Gabriella trapped Mendel in the Crest, and the Crest remained in her possession.


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