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Armach is an elven nation based in the southwestern part of Southern Hosk on Taladas, which is ruled by the Silvanaes Elves. The nation is less commonly known by the full name of the Confederation of Armach. Nestled amongst the valleys southwest of the New Mountains, the nation is divided chiefly between the Silvanaes elves and the humans, known as the Hoor People. The nation was originally formed when the elves landed upon the shores of the Bay of Armach (formerly known as the Bay of Hoor), and named their new land Armach (elvish for Dry-Land).

However the primitive human tribes who lived around the bay took offence at the new arrivals, and made war upon the elves. The elves were able to drive the tribes back and established their own kingdom, keeping the humans at bay. The human tribes began to fight amongst themselves and those closest to the elven borders petitioned their former enemies for aid. The wise elves formed alliances with many of the tribes and eventually all the surviving tribes joined the alliance, forming the Confederation of Armach.

The nation’s capital is the forest of Armach-nesti, in which only the elves reside, as they do not allow any outsiders into their realm. The Silvanaes elves directly rule over Armach-nesti and have a governing influence over the various tribes in the Confederation. Elven advisors are located amongst every tribe, and the Silvanaes also control most of the trade throughout the nation.

Other than the elves, the Confederation is formed of sixteen tribes, thirteen of which are human, one tribe of Marak kender, one tribe of centaurs and a tribe of gnomes. The independent kingdoms and tribes of the Confederation have an agreement that one kingdom/tribe will not directly interfere with another, and all will work in the best interests of the nation. Each group provides a supply of folk to form the Confederation army, and no one group may have their own force (other than the Silvanaes elves). The rulers of the sixteen tribes and the Voice of the Stars (known collectively as the Council) meet twice a year to discuss issues of their nation, and also occasionally come together for emergency meetings. Outside of this period, the five members of the Cabinet handle issues and disputes. The rulers of the kingdoms/tribes select four cabinet members, whilst the fifth member is the Lord-Protector of Armach-nesti. All council sessions are held in the city of Bok, a neutral town that serves as the heart of the Confederation and is not based in any one kingdom or tribe.

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