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Armach-nesti is a large forested realm in the heart of the elven nation of Armach, which is the private reserve of the Silvanaes elves. Whilst the Silvanaes elves have an alliance in the form of the Confederation of Armach with many tribes of humans, and even some gnomes, centaurs and kender, they do not allow any non-elf into their private domain, on pain of death. Originally the elves built the city of New Silvanost in their forest, hoping to recapture some of the glory of their former homeland of Silvanesti. However they soon abandoned this project and instead made their homes in the forest itself out of natural materials.

The elves have concealed homes in the trees, behind waterfalls and in every conceivable natural dwelling. Former human villages from centuries past lie in ruins in some past of Armach-nesti, however otherwise the forest is allowed to run wild. The borders of the elven realm are closely guarded by elven patrols, and any intruders are brought before the Lord Protector himself. Any intentional entry into the realm is punished by execution, whilst unwitting intruders (who are either forced over the border or just wander over mistakenly) are evicted from the realm. However the elves fiercely guard their borders and rarely accept stories from travellers that they unknowingly entered their realm.

The Lord Protector, who handles all matters pertaining to security, military matters and ensuring the safety of the elves and the Confederation of Armach, directly governs Armach-nesti. The Voice of the Stars is the true master of all Silvanaes Elves, and is the absolute ruler of Armach-nesti.

In the summer of 424 AC, the realm was overrun by Shadow-Kender who were doing the bidding of the Faceless Brethren. The shadow fiends slew the Voice of the Stars and many of the elves, decimating the Silvanaes and claiming great tracts of the forest. With the defeat of the Faceless Brethren and then of their master, Maladar an-Desh in 425 AC, it is believed that the shadow kender vanished from Armach altogether. A shattered group of Silvanaes survivors are forced to rebuild their realm once more.


Geographical Features[]


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