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Armach u-Quoob (means “Dry Land in the Sea”) was a sunken island in the Dargonesti Elf nation of Watermere. The sunken island was twenty miles northeast of Takaluras. Armach u-Quoob was thirty miles across at its widest point and a hundred and sixty miles at it’s longest.

The aquatic plants Breathroot and Haltweed grew on the sunken island.


Before the Cataclysm, the island was above the waves and called Kosketh Minor. Kosketh Minor had two human populated cities: Farport and Hoorward.


During the Cataclysm the island sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Age of Despair[]

The Dargonesti claimed Hoorward and rebuilt much of the city. They renamed Kosketh Minor to Armach u-Quoob. Farport was taken over by undead (the former residents) and other evil creatures.



Other Spelling[]

The sunken island’s name was also spelled as Armach uQuoob.