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Arman Kharas (? AC - Autumn-351 AC/383 AC?) was born the son of Glade Hornfel Kytil and didn't share the same mother with his half-brother Pick. His name means "second" or "lesser" Kharas (knight) in Dwarven. For this, he always viewed himself as a hero and would unite all the dwarves under his rule. While in Thorbardin he wanted to bring all the clans together including even the Neidar Dwarves, which caused him to lose many allies to this mad scheme.

Arman was known to have coarse, waist-length, black beard, and braided hair, and he looked like a traditional Hylar Dwarf in the rest of his features. He was known to be tall and extremely strong and built, and his personality is curt, yet polite, honest and truthful, considering lies and intrigues beneath him. He carries around a large War Hammer that is a replica of the Hammer of Kharas, and wears a helm, studded with jewels, marked with the symbol of the hammer.

He was extremely loyal to his people and their needs, a very good warrior with the Mace in battle while waiting to find his Hammer of Kharas, and during battle he gave no quarter and expected none in return. He was sometimes called a coward because he was very protective of his kin, and would withdraw from battle to protect their escape.

Early Life[]

In his younger years, Arman would travel with his half-brother Pick into the maze of caverns around Thorbardin. While fighting imaginary evils, Arman would always come to his younger brother's rescue.

On his naming day, he claims that the spirit of Kharas entered him and gave him the destiny of becoming a great hero of the dwarven people. He took the name, Arman Kharas, which means the “lesser Kharas”, or “Kharas reborn”. He fully believes that once he finds the hammer he will unify the Dwarven nations and help his father become the High King of Thorbardin. To this end he has spent years searching throughout the Valley of the Thanes for a way inside King Duncan's Floating Tomb. This has caused other dwarves to think he is crazy, calling him Marman Arman, or “Crazy Arman” in Dwarven.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, Arman was the Thorbardin representative at the first Whitestone Council meeting. Even though the Thane of the Theiwar and the Thane of the Daegar both thought him to be insane for trying to unite their people. When his father was made King of Thorbardin he was extremely happy for him. He still thought he was the only one who would have been able to unite the clans.

Arman died during the Battle of the Temple of the Stars when he was cut by the poisoned knife of a Draconian. He was laid to rest inside Duncan's Tomb alongside his hero, Kharas. The stone plaque on his tomb reads, “Hero of the Battle of the Temple, he recovered the Hammer of Kharas and slew the evil Dragon Highlord Verminaard. All honor his name. Pike, son of Hornfel.”

Other Names[]

Arman’s birth name was Pike, but changed his name to Arman Kharas during his Naming Ceremony. Due to his obsession with finding the Hammer of Kharas, some dwarves have started to call him Marman Arman, or “Crazy Arman”, but never to his face.

Kender Tale[]

When the Chaos War erupted, the dwarves of Thorbardin responded. Arman was on a ship when they counter-attacked on Palanthas. The ship though, was sunk and Arman drowned while on board, never full-filling his destiny to bring the dwarves of Thorbardin to all new prosperity never before seen since before the Cataclysm.