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The Army of Thenol is the military strength of the dark nation of Thenol, in the lands of Southern Hosk. Whilst the nation has always had a series of different private forces under various lords and Great Lords, it wasn't until the rise of Bishop Trandamere, that the Army of Thenol truly came together. The army officially reports to the Senate of Lords, but in truth reports to the Bishop of Hith, as their sole and true commander.

The Army is broken into three distinct groups that serve the army in different capacities. The undead form the rank and file of the army, and are under the absolute control of the Church of Hith. The fanatics are the zealous worshippers of Hith, that are temperamental and likely to turn on the priests, if they feel their faith has been offended in some way. Finally there are the Companies of the Lords.

Whilst the army is certainly strong in numbers, it has long suffered from a lack of unity and clear leadership structure. The undead are barely able to take orders, the wild fanatics are likewise almost completely unable to follow directives, and the Companies of the Lords all serve the interests of their individual lords, rather than that of the entire army. It is only through weight of numbers that the Army of Thenol has won fights in the past, not through any cohesive formation or battle plan. It is also part of the reason why the Army was summarily defeated during the Thenol Campaign during the Age of Mortals by the Imperial League.

Thenolian Units[]


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