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Arrovawk (? - ? AC) was a male Dimernesti Elf. He had blue skin and aquiline features. His skin was marred by various scars of a harsh life. By the year 426 AC, Arrovawk was the Guild Master of the Dimernost Traders.

World Gash[]

In 426 AC, the Dargonesti Elf Apoletta organized the first conclave of aquatic races in Dimernost to discuss the threat of the World Gash. Arrovawk attended as Guild Master to the Traders. He openly spoke out about his disbelief about the seriousness of the World Gash. Later, the Speaker of the Sea Nuqala Windspeaker asked Apoletta to lead a joint expedition to the World Gash. The Dimernesti Elf Utharne was also chosen to co-lead the expedition. Even though Arrovawk protested, Nuqala insisted that he join the expedition.

He accompanied the expedition to Hygant and Watermere, but when they finally were going to enter the World Gash through the Dead Well Apoletta sent most of the Sea Elves back to Dimernost. Arrovawk wanted to return as well but Apoletta pleaded with him to stay so that he could see it and vouch for the seriousness of it in Dimernost. Once Apoletta promised him the trading rights with the Dargonesti, he agreed.

In the World Gash, they discovered the Fire Dragon named Blazewight was trying to heal himself using an Impaling Throne. The Dragon had also enslaved the Mahkwahb. The expedition made a temporary alliance with the Mahkwahb and together they defeated the dragon and returned to Dimernost.

After the ordeal in the World Gash, Arrovawk was convinced that his prior isolationist stance was wrong and worked to bring dissenters of alliances with other races under his thumb. Two months after the World Gash, Arrovawk participated in the grand wedding between Berrion Silverwake and Mercy Windspeaker.


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