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Arrowthorn ( 289 AC - Autumn 351 AC) was a Human male Qué-Shu and Chieftain of the Qué-Shu. His wife was Tearsong and together they had one daughter, Goldmoon. He believed, as did most of his tribe that their ancestors became gods when they died including his wife and one day himself and daughter.

Early Life[]

Arrowthorn competed in the ceremonial fights to see which two warriors would get to accompany their princess and priestess, Tearsong, to the Hall of Sleeping Spirits. He won the right and accompanied her there. Arrowthorn had competition for Tearsong’s affection though. Loreman desired to become chief but could not compete with Arrowthorn. Also, the tribe was divided on who they wanted to become the next chieftain. Some wanted Arrowthorn and some wanted Oakheart. The conflict led to fighting in the streets, burning of houses and crops, and finally Oakheart’s murder. It was unknown who killed Oakheart, but since Arrowthorn was with a large group when it happened he was never accused of doing it. Shortly after, he married Tearsong.


Arrowthorn became chieftain, and eventually had a daughter, Goldmoon. When Goldmoon was still very young Tearsong died of a fever. He then carried the responsibility of ruling his tribe and raising his daughter alone. Because Chieftains of the Qué-Shu got their position from marring the tribe’s priestess he had to use his cunning and wisdom to keep from loosing it. This ordeal and missing his lost wife made Arrowthorn full of self-loathing.

When Goldmoon was still young, Arrowthorn allowed her to be friends with Loreman’s son, Hollow-Sky. He hoped that the two would be wed and this would help make peace in the tribe as Loreman continuously worked against him.

When it came time for Goldmoon to make the journey to the Hall of Sleeping Spirits, Hollow-Sky and a shepherd named Riverwind, who still believed in the old gods, won the right to accompany her there. During this time, Arrowthorn discovered a plot by Loreman to discredit his family. Loreman wrote a book containing the history of the Qué-Shu. In the book, Loreman slandered the line of priestesses and their chieftains and made his ancestors look like they were responsible for the success of the tribe. Loreman was likely hoping Goldmoon would read it and decide to marry Hollow-Sky out of shame.

Pre War of the Lance[]

After their ordeal at the Hall of Sleeping Spirits, Goldmoon and Riverwind fell in love. Riverwind wished to marry her. Arrowthorn then set him on a Courting Quest to show his worth. Since Riverwind did not believe that the tribe’s ancestors were gods but in the old gods and he was low of station, Arrowthorn sent him on a quest to find proof that the old gods do exist. He did this in hopes that Riverwind would die in the process.

Ten months after Riverwind left on his quest, Arrowthorn fell ill. He could no longer move his right arm or leg and speak clearly, but he retained his mind. Goldmoon had to take care of her father by feeding him, washing him, seeing to his every need. She also ruled the tribe in all but name despite Loreman’s attempts to take over the tribe.

War of the Lance[]

Riverwind returned and with his proof in 351 AC. He presented Arrowthorn with the Blue Crystal Staff telling him it had been given to him by a goddess. Arrowthorn then commanded Riverwind to make it do something. When Riverwind couldn’t make anything happen, Arrowthorn ordered that he be stoned at the Grieving Wall for his blasphemy. Goldmoon joined her love there and the staff teleported them to safety.

Shortly after Goldmoon and Riverwind left the village the Red Dragonarmy tracked Riverwind’s trail back to Qué-Shu where they killed many people and destroyed the village. Arrowthorn was believed to have died in the attack.

Kender Tales[]

It was once said that Goldmoon ruled her tribe for ten years while Arrowthorn was sick and Riverwind was on his Courting Quest, but the amount of time was actually much less.

In a song it was said that Arrowthorn told Riverwind to bring the moon in his hands, the stars on a dying blanket, and the Crystal Staff for his Courting Quest.


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