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The Aurim Empire was once the greatest empire that ruled over half the continent of Taladas. The city of Aurim was the jewel of the empire and where it's emperor governed from, and a series of provinces lay in all directions. The Aurim Empire waged war on the dragons and ogres of Taladas, to protect the people in its realm.

Over the course of several centuries however, the rulers of the empire started to turn towards studying the black magic of Nuvis, and also of the ways of Sorcery. A series of emperors and their dark disciples grew more and more twisted, beginning a reign of terror throughout the empire and beyond.

Reign of Maladar an-Desh[]

The atrocities reached an all-time high with the reign of Maladar an-Desh. When the nobility of Aurim tried to have him removed from power, he had every nobleman impaled and fed to giant crocodiles outside the city. He later destroyed the city of Am Durn for not supporting him in a fight against the rebellious province of Olm. When Maladar's reign came to end a brief nine years after it began, a number of other emperors followed him, however the empire never regained its former glory.

Rumors surfaced across the Aurim Empire, that a statue known as the Hooded One existed and held the soul of Maladar. This statue was supposed to be the means for the evil one to return to life one day. A great purging began across the empire to destroy every statue and image of Maladar, however the Hooded One was not found.

An Empire Sundered[]

At the end of the Age of Might in 0 PC, the gods rained fire down upon Aurim, destroying the city utterly and shattering the empire in a mass of molten rock and flames. Most of the empire was thrust beneath the newly risen Burning Sea, and the few survivors fled eastward towards the Rainward Isles seeking refuge.

Of the remaining parts of the empire that were not thrust beneath the Burning Sea, they were choked with ash and dust. In the Age of Despair, Hobgoblins gradually moved into the realm, to claim what the former human residents had left behind. In the years leading up to the formation of the Dragonarmies and following the theft of the good dragon eggs, when the Traag Draconians were created, these failed experiments were left in Aurim and begun to form a small society there. A tenuous existence started to play out between the hobgoblins and the traag draconians, as each sought dominance over the other in the fight over Old Aurim.

Maladar's Return[]

In 424 AC, the soul of Maladar planned to make a return to the world, and in 425 AC, he realised that dream by taking over the body of Barreth Forlo. The long-dead emperor planned to raise the city of Aurim and resurrect the once great Aurim Empire. However the intervention of several adventurers led to Maladar's plans being thwarted and the Aurim Empire remaining dead and buried beneath the Burning Sea.



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