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Ausric Krell (? - 383 AC / 422 AC), also known as the 'Betrayer', was a former Knight of Lily who fought in the Chaos War. Krell was born in Nordmaar. It is unknown if he had any family prior to becoming a Death Knight. In his lifetime, he had only touched a book one time, with no desire to read it whatsoever.

Ausric Krell is known to be very sneaky, with little honor, brains, or [[Noble|nobility00. He was short, encased in black armor that was burned onto him by Zeboim's curse, leather gauntlets, red eyes, and a heavy, corpse-like body. His helm looked like a ram's skull, with his armor not only blackened, but also bloodstained with the traditional skull and lily on it. He constantly had fresh blood on his armor, and when he walked bloody footprints followed in his wake. He was very good at swordsmanship.

Early Life[]

Krell was born in the nation of Nordmaar. This is where Lord Ariakan Ariakas found him as a youth and recruited him to the Dark Knights. While with the Dark Knights, he attained the rank of Night Warrior.

Chaos War[]

Just before the invasion upon Ansalon, Krell would walk with his Lord Ariakas upon Mount Ambition. Together they would stare out to see towards Ansalon, and think about the coming invasion. Krell was the only one favored enough by Lord Ariakan to do this, none of the other Knights of Takhisis were so honored. He would later serve directly under his lord during the invasion.

During the Chaos War, Krell was stationed at the High Clerist's Tower when the minions of Chaos were unleashed upon Krynn. When Krell saw his chance, he poisoned Ariakan's mount, which lead to the death of Ariakan during the battle at the Tower. This infuriated Zeboim, Ariakan's mother, and she took her revenge out on Krell by killing him and then bringing him back to life.

When she tired of doing this, she brought his remains to Storm's Keep and made him into a Death Knight.

Post Chaos War[]

During the next thirty-eight years, Krell was stranded on the island fortress, fearful that Zeboim would kill him if he left the island. Little did he know though, Takhisis had stolen the world away and Zeboim wasn't in the sea at that time. So, the chance he had to escape he squandered, and the gods returned to Krynn.

While on the island, a Minotaur named Grimix washed up on his shore. Grimix fought against Krell, but in the end was killed by the death knight. So impressed by the minotaur's ferocity, Krell raised Grimix from the dead as a skeletal warrior. The minotaur would only be released upon the death of Krell.

War of Souls[]

During this war, he was not able to participate in it, thinking that Zeboim was still around the island. He used his scrying ball known as the Flames of the Storm to observe and saw what a girl named Mina was doing. He tried getting a message to her through all the souls walking Krynn, but once he saw her destroy Lord Loren Soth, he no longer wanted to get in contact with her.

With the defeat of Takhisis and Mina at Sanction, Krell discovered too late that Zeboim had been gone for years. In his rage, he destroyed a small tower at Storm's Keep. He then prayed to Chemosh, beseeching the dark lord to help him out of his imprisonment and that he would serve him.

Post War of Souls[]

Krell sat alone in a tower, playing on a Khas board until Mina came to his island. He chased her, trying to kill her, but thought he lost her out to sea when she jumped. So Krell returned to his Khas board and was shocked when Mina arrived back shortly after, and knocked his helmet off, which incapacitated him.

Mina then took the helm to Chemosh, who restored Krell back to 'life', and Krell swore to serve him in his undead state. He was sent back to Storm's Keep with Ariakan's spirit in a khas piece. Zeboim then had to resort to sending her monk there to get the khas piece back. Rhys Mason challenged Krell to a khas game, and Krell informed Rhys that he was an excellent khas player.

As Krell was winning and breaking Rhys' fingers, a kender named Nightshade Pricklypear snuck up and stole the Ariakan piece. Rhys then had a giant mantis take care of Krell while they both escaped. For this Chemosh was not initially pleased with Krell, since the god was also mourning the apparent loss of Mina. However Krell pointed out that he couldn't see Mina's spirit, which had apparently been plaguing Chemosh... and the god realised that she wasn't actually dead, and what he was seeing was an illusion created by the servants of Nuitari. Chemosh then sent Krell on an errand to Zeboim, setting further plans into motion, before having Krell journey to Castle Beloved, to train his Beloved in the art of war.

However the training of the Beloved proved troublesome, as the undead would not obey any of Krell's commands, since he could do nothing to harm them, and therefore they had no fear of him. Krell was further embarassed when the Beloved all started fawning over Mina when she appeared. Chemosh was no longer totally enamored of Mina, and asked Krell to spy on his lover and tell him of any suspicious activity. Krell trailed Mina to the Shrine of Zeboim, hoping to catch her in the act of betrayal so he could inform his lord.

Krell in fact, did not learn anything from spying on Mina, but concocted a story about her being with her lover, which he told Chemosh to make him enraged with his lover. The ploy worked and on Mina's return, Chemosh told her that he wanted nothing to do with her anymore, and she would be sent far away to train his Beloved. Krell then plotted to kill Mina, since he believed the god no longer cared for his former lover. However on reaching Mina, he found the woman enraged and she had gained mysterious new powers which allowed her to change him back to a mortal. Krell cowered in fear of Mina, and managed to tell Chemosh on his return that Mina had done this to him.

The Bone Acolyte[]

Chemosh still had uses for his servant, and decided to convert the now human Krell into a Bone Acolyte, in order to have him find Mina for him. On finding the monk Rhys, Nightshade and a young girl, Krell questioned them on the whereabouts of Mina. The young girl was Mina transformed, and she used her powers to incapacitate Krell. The god then bestowed three Bone Warriors into Krell's service, commanding the group to ambush Rhys and Mina as they made their way to Solace. However Krell found that Mina and Rhys beat him to the town, and their ambush was foiled. The Bone Acolyte then orchestrated a riot in Gods' Row to test the reactions of the Sheriff of Solace and his guard, before launching an assault on the Temple of Majere to kill Rhys Mason once and for all.

In the temple of Majere, Krell laid both Rhys and Mina low, but was struck by a mystic spell cast by Nightshade and knocked unconscious. Mina blamed herself for Rhys being incapacitated, and ran off so Rhys and Nightshade would not need to take care of her anymore. Atta and Nightshade pursued her, whilst Rhys lay imprisoned in the golden bands that Krell had wrapped around him. Nightshade and Atta quickly ran into Mistress Jenna, sending her back to aid Rhys. Krell regained consciousness and commenced his attack on Rhys once more, until the timely appearance of Mistress Jenna, who used her magic to free the monk from his bonds. Krell then summoned one of his Bone Warriors to attack Jenna, whilst he continued his assault of Rhys. However Jenna cast a spell to vanquish the Bone Warrior, whilst Rhys defeated Krell with his emmide and ultimately struck him in the temple and killed him.