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Axantheas (? AC - 357 AC) was a male minotaur who hailed from the lands of Southern Hosk, and served in the Legions of Eragas as a commander. By 357 AC, the minotaur made a dark pact with Erestem, who not only provided a blue dragon to serve him, but also gave Axantheas the Dragonring, a magical device that allowed him to control dragons. Axantheas then engineered a plot to overthrow the Emperor of the Imperial League, and made plans for an attempt to usurp the throne. However the two of his soldiers, Griffin and Skrum, confronted him and cut off his hand, effectively stealing the Dragonring and spoiling his plans. The two traitors fled his camp, and Axantheas took chase atop his dragon. The minotaur commander found the pair, but was surprised by the appearance of Riva Silvercrown, who wielded a Dragonlance to slay his mount. The minotaur had his soldiers continue the search for the trio once they fled, and then returned to temple of Erestem in the city of Kristophan.

The minotaur cultivated alliances with the Traag Draconians and the hobgoblins of Old Aurim, as well as several Thenolites and Glass Sailors in a new cult dedicated to Erestem. Axantheas learnt that the adventurers who stole his ring had travelled to the Burning Sea, and took off in pursuit on a red dragon. On finding the adventurers, he was attacked by Riva Silvercrown and her dragon Ktarrh. During the fight, he witnessed Griffin throw the Dragonring into the sea and chased after the magical device. Axantheas plunged into the lava and was consumed in a fiery blast.


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