Aynkell Soth (? - ? PC) was a descendant of the great Soth Family in Solamnia, though he never joined the Knights of Solamnia. In Newkolt of 4 PC he was described as a big man, tall and heavy-boned with a square jaw, prominent brow and high cheekbones. He had salt and pepper hair that was thinning on top and around the edges, a full white beard, and old tired eyes the color of dead embers. He was known to be a formidable fighter.

Aynkell was said to have had three children. His first child was Loren Soth, born of his wife (whose name is not known). His other two children were born the result of affairs that Aynkell had had. One dalliance with a human resulted in Argol Birdsong, and an affair with an elf resulted in his daughter Alsin Felgaard. Aynkell had Argol and Alsin assassinated in Newkolt of 4 PC so his son Loren wouldn't have competition for Knightlund.

Aynkell was allowed to attend the wedding, but Loren was so disgusted with his father that he no longer wanted to do anything with him. It is unknown what happened to Aynkell, except that he never again had contact with Loren following the wedding.


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