Azrael (? - ?) is a male Dwarf who now resides in the land known as Ravenloft. His face, with an upturned nose and wide mouth, is more reminiscent of that of a feral creature. He has dark brown and bone white hair and sideburns, brown eyes, and he stands about four feet tall. His left side has scar tissue from an old burn.

Azrael was born in a dwarven city known as Brigalaure, were as a youth, he was prone to daydreaming of life on the surface world. After several years of failing to find his place within the society, he turned on his family and murdered them. The citizens of Brigalaure, instead of killing him for his crimes, left him in a dark tunnel far away from the city. Here he made a pact with an unknown entity who gave him the power to turn into a werebadger, in exchange for destroying the dwarves who punished him.

Eventually he was drawn into the Demiplane of Dread from the Prime Material Plane. He wandered from domain to domain, killing and stealing in order to stay alive. He eventually joined up with Lord Soth soon after the Death Knight arrived in Barovia. While Soth searched for a gateway to return to Krynn, he followed along with the Vistani woman Magda.

After the domain of Sithicus was created for Lord Soth, Azrael became his new Seneschal, and looks after thing in Nedragaard Keep. He is often found traveling around Sithicus searching for a mysterious ghost that calls herself Kitiara.


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