Azrael Dak is a Dwarven Werebadger. He served Lord Soth and became the political ruler of Sithicus after Soth's departure, known by the sobriquet "The Sorrow of Sithicus."

Lazy and unskilled as a craftsman, he killed his family and dozens of others in the outlander town of Brigalure, then made a pact with unseen powers (which he called "The Dark") to become a werebadger. With his newfound abilities, he terrorized his underground dwarven community until The Mists brought him to Forlorn. He spent time in Gundarak and Barovia before joining up with Soth and Magda.

When the Mists gave Soth Sithicus and Nedragaard Keep, Soth appointed Azrael Dak as seneschal and emissary. This did not stop the traitorous Dak from contemplating betraying his master some 30 years later after Dak discovering a source of dark knowledge at the bottom of the Veidrava Salt Mines. Empowered with the knowledge of a foul ritual to gain control over the shadows of Sithicus, Dak conspired with Inza Kulchevich for the murder of her mother Magda Kulchevich and with Malocchio Aderre for the fall of Lord Soth. Azrael's ritual unleashed the Night of Screaming Shadows. Shadows engulfed Nedregaard Keep, rent it asunder, and seemingly obliterated Lord Soth.

Azrael Dak became temporal leader of Sithicus, but he did not become darklord as he had hoped. That title went to Inza, whom merged with the darkness that Dak had formerly relied so heavily upon. Now instead of directing him, it merely taunts him. He seeks her destruction, and relations with Malocchio have similarly decayed.

The giant Nabon gave him the title, "The Sorrow of Sithicus" and referred to him with the honorific, "Great Sorrow." Azrael liked the epithet so much he ordered his subordinates to use it as well.

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