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Bakaris (? - 352 AC ) was a young warrior who originally hailed from Estwilde. The blond haired rogue learned the art of fighting early, developing his skills, and becoming an agile and cunning fighter. Tall and with a muscular physique, Bakaris was also blessed with good looks, which won him the hearts of many women. However in comparison to his angelic looks, Bakaris was arrogant and brutal at times, with a fierce temper. Controlled by his own desires, the warrior got himself into trouble on countless occasions.

Early Life[]

Born and raised in Estwilde, the young Bakaris had a number of dalliances with females in his home region, before attracting the eye of the love of a nobleman's son. The son challenged Bakaris to a duel, and in rage, the warrior killed the man. However with the death of the nobleman's son on his hands, Bakaris was forced to flee Estwilde or face justice.

Turning to the life of a mercenary, Bakaris honed his fighting skills further, and garnered a reputation for his exceeding cruelty and lust for power. Learning of the Dragonarmies in his travels and of the promises of wealth, power and pleasures that the Dark Queen was offering her servants, Bakaris quickly joined their forces and worked his way into a position of power within the Blue Dragonarmy.

War of the Lance[]

Not long after joining the employ of the Dragonarmies, Bakaris met Kitiara Uth Matar, who was herself rising through the ranks of the Blue Dragonarmy. Becoming infatuated with the attractive Kit, he aided her in a bid to further his own career. Within a short time, Bakaris found himself in the role of Highmaster of the Blue Dragonarmy, serving directly under Kitiara as her chief aide.

The Highlord took Bakaris under her wing and also into her bed, and he became completely and absolutely loyal to her alone, over all others. In return, the Highlord allowed Bakaris to run her armies in her absence, as well as command the Blue Wing. The warrior proved himself to be a cunning individual who won several victories throughout the War of the Lance, however his arrogance proved to be the first step towards his undoing at the Battle of the High Clerist's Tower. Bakaris led the Blue Dragonarmy in a successful rout of the larger part of the Solamnic forces at the tower. In an act of bravery and arrogance, the warrior carried the corpse of the Solamnic Lord Alfred MarKenin and the almost dead Sir Derek Crownguard, back to the Tower of the High Clerist, dumping them before their own forces, and demanding the surrender of the Solamnic Knights. In response, the elven princess Laurana shot him in the arm with her bow. The Highlord later demoted Bakaris from commander to her personal bodyguard, for his stupidity in taunting the enemy.

As the war continued both on the ground and in the skies, Bakaris again rose to challenge the forces of the Golden General, in the air near Vingaard Keep. Against strict orders from his Highlord, he fought with an injured arm on dragonback and was captured by Laurana's forces when his dragon mount Azurfane was killed. Bakaris was imprisoned in Kalaman for several weeks, however his Highlord offered Tanis Half-Elven in exchange for Bakaris to Laurana. Accepting the offer, Laurana released Bakaris from his cell, taking him to the outskirts of Kalaman, with her companions Flint Fireforge and Tasslehoff Burrfoot. The draconian Gakhan appeared and led the group to a clearing with a pair of wyverns, before disappearing on orders from Bakaris. The warrior then had the wyverns carry them all to a clearing just a mile out from Dargaard Keep, where he was ordered to take the Golden General.

In an act of lust and decadence, Bakaris ordered Laurana to lie on the ground and allow him to make love to her, with the threat of the wyverns killing her friends if she reacted, hanging over her head. Her two companions escaped the wyverns and attempted to stop Bakaris, resulting in Tas stabbing Bakaris in the side, and allowing Laurana to free herself. In rage, Laurana launched herself onto her captor, knocking Bakaris to the ground and landing on his own knife, killing him instantly.


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