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Balifor is located to the southeast of Khur and to the west of Goodlund, and is part of the Desolation. Nestled along the Bay of Balifor on its western and southern reaches, Balifor was once a land comprised of large savannahs and harsh deserts, before the coming of the dragon Malystryx. Great farmlands were once located throughout the region, which was known for it's rich soil. The barbarian tribes ruled the inland realm of Balifor, whilst civilized folk inhabitants the port towns, of which Port Balifor was long considered a nominal capital of the region. When the Desolation took hold over Balifor, the inhabitants of the region changed, as goblins, half-ogres, and bandits became more noticeable throughout Balifor. The weather in 421 AC (38 SC) is that of a desolate wasteland with active volcanoes.

Age of Dreams[]

Balifor was founded by the general Balif in 2750 PC, just before the Second Dragon War. Balif was a close personal friend to Silvanos Goldeneye and was granted this land across the bay to escape from some political issues in Silvanost. Balif died shortly after the founding and naming of Balifor. In the times before the Cataclysm, the lands were a verdant forestland, filled with kender, Kagonesti Elves, and all kinds of wild creatures.

Age of Might[]

Balifor had its share of run-ins with the Empire of Istar. In the year 850 PC, Istar created strict trade standards that riled up the kender to no end. The kender conducted a very aggressive trade war against the humans, which led to years of legal action and military action. By the year 727 PC, Istar learned its mistake of trying to tax kender and created a kender tax that exempted kender from these trading practices.

In the years leading up to the Cataclysm, the kender become an increasingly oppressed people. In Istar, they were actively hunted down, had their ears cut off, and were killed. The only person with sympathy towards kender was a Knight of Solamnia named Sir Pirvan the Wayward. When he was on Istar's or Balifor's land and found imprisoned kender, he would have them freed.

Age of Despair[]

When the Cataclysm struck Balifor, much of the southern regions of the nation crumbled and sank into the ocean, killing many thousands. The kender and other beings more inland were able to escape death. Since the Cataclysm, the land turned into a hot desert wasteland, and most kender decided to pack up and founded Kendermore to the east instead. Humans dominate the land there now, with most living in cities or as nomads in the desert. In the winter of 348 AC - 349 AC, the Black Dragonarmy invaded Balifor, quickly seizing and taking control of the lands. In 352 AC, minotaurs from the Minotaur Empire pushed in through Balifor and prepared to attack Silvanesti. They were defeated and Balifor was liberated shortly afterwards.

Age of Mortals[]

Following the Chaos War, much change came to Balifor. A Dragon Overlord by the name of Malystryx attacked in 386 AC (3 SC), and a Hero of the Lance came to the defense. His name was Riverwind, but even he and his daughter Brightdawn weren’t able to stand up to her and was killed in the battle. Malys has greatly changed Balifor's landscape since that time. Balifor is now called The Desolation, due to the alteration of its deserts, grasslands, and farmlands into a barren wasteland with huge mountains called the Goodlund Mountains.

Since the fall of Malystryx during the War of Souls, not much is known about what will come of the land now. Goblins, Draconians, and ogres still wander the land in tribes, with a few human and kender settlements along the coastline.



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