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Ballard (? AC - ? AC) was a Knight of the Rose who led the Clandestine Circle in the Solamnic city of Palanthas.

Ankhar's War[]

Lord Blayne Kerrigan came to him and convinced him that Emperor Jaymes Markham had grown too powerful. Together they went to the Lord Regent Bakkard du Chagne and proposed to put him back as the head of the government, which he quickly accepted. So in 429 AC, he had the Clandestine Circle capture all the key parts of the city. They then go to the southern gate to await the arrival of the Black Army, but found that the army had already arrived and they were Knights of Neraka. They joined Blayne in defending the city, and defeating the army. Ballard met with Emperor Markham, and they agree to work together. He returned to his duties heading up the Circle in Palanthas.

Kender Tales[]

He was said to lead the Legion of Steel in Palanthas, but being a Knight of the Rose he could not do this.


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