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Baron of Coldhope is the title for the ruler of the fiefdom of Coldhope, which lies in the province of New Styrllia and is part of the Imperial League.

Previous Rulers of Coldhope[]

  • Varyan (? AC - 407 AC) - the father of Essana and the long-time ruler of Coldhope. He initially disapproved of Barreth Forlo courting his daughter.
  • Essana Forlo (407 AC - 424 AC) - the Baroness of Coldhope who became the new ruler following Varyan's death from a heart attack. She ruled the fiefdom until she was kidnapped by the Faceless Brethren.

The Death of an Emperor[]

In 424 AC, Coldhope Keep was decimated and the fiefdom of Coldhope was put to the torch by the legions of the Imperial League, following the death of the Emperor of the Imperial League at the hands of Baroness Essana's husband, Barreth Forlo. From that point onwards, Coldhope was left a broken land.