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Basalt Fireforge (? - ? AC) was a Neidar Dwarf from the infamous Fireforge Clan of Hillhome and a nephew to Flint Fireforge and the son of Aylmar Fireforge and Bertina Fireforge. He was an average height dwarf (4'1" tall) who had red hair and freckles which was not typical of a Fireforge dwarf, and weighed roughly 200 pounds. Basalt did have the stubbornness and courage of the Fireforges which he displayed during the Battle of Hillhome. Basalt also strives to live up to the standard of his uncle Flint.

Early Life

He grew up in Hillhome and was trained by his father Aylmar Fireforge to be a smith. After his father's death Basalt turned to drinking and was disgusted by his uncle Flint Fireforge's return home. Under Flint and Hildy Bowlderston's encouragement and guidance Basalt began to deal with his father's death and helped uncover the Theiwar secret weapon shipments to the Dragonarmies in Sanction.

Basalt also took part in the Battle of Hillhome in which afterward he was cited as one of the heroes of Hillhome. Following the battle Basalt married Hildy Bowlderston and adventured some with his cousin Obsidian Fireforge. He retired from adventuring prior to the birth of his first child and became Mayor of Hillhome by 365 AC. Sometime between the birth of their child and 383 AC, Hildy and Basalt bought Moldoon's Inn from Turq Heathstone.

Chaos War

During the Chaos War, Basalt answered the called to fight against the forces of Chaos. He offered his services to the Knights of Solamnia, and journeyed to the great city of Palanthas. While on his journey, Basalt sank into a deep sadness, due to the fact that he missed his wife very dearly who was left to take care of their inn.

There he met with two knights, Sir Bradwick Thanedon and Sir Kelwyn Ogrebane. After the fall of Palanthas to the Knights of Takhisis, he assisted in helping Solamnic families leave the city that would have been captured. He felt this was a greater good, and hope to return home to his wife quickly. Basalt sank into even greater depression and a sense that all of Krynn was doomed when the forces of Chaos were unleashed. He gained another companion, a kender named Whisper Shadowfriend who tagged along with the hill dwarf.

Together, they all journeyed to the city of Maelgoth and saw the destruction of that city by a Daemonlord and his Chaos Cloud. Basalt though helped in bringing down this menace. It is unknown what became of Basalt following the war, but it is assumed he returned back to Hillhome and resumed his role as mayor.


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