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Bast, also called the Lord of Cats and Cat Lord, is a Beast Lord. He was given the Mantle of Immortality (called Mereklar) sometime in the Age of Dreams. Bast can not even remember if he was born a human and given the powers he now possesses, or a cat, or even if he was from another world other than Krynn.

While in human form, Bast is incredibly handsome. He has dark black hair that curls to the back of his neck, sharp white teeth, slanted blue eyes that shine red in firelight, dark skin, a smooth, rich voice, and has footsteps that are as silent as the night.

Bast can heal his own wounds rapidly It is said that only two things can kill him: an army of Dragons and a type of Magic wand. He can also walk in shadows unseen by any except the Gods, but it is said that he can even sometimes hide from them as well. Bast can take the form of any feline on Krynn, but will always have black fur when he does. He has great speed, can hear the thoughts of any feline, and a number of other unknown abilities. Bast also has the ability to turn any cat follower of his into a human. Even with all these abilities, Bast has been killed three times, but the Mantle of Immortality grants him nine lives and he has been brought back to life each time.

Bast also plays things by his own rules for the most part, rather than those established by any mortal. He cares only for the safety of his dominion, and rarely interferes with anything going on Krynn except when his dominion is imperilled. When he does interfere, he usually views it as playing, and will often allow for any of the gods to use him for their plots for a price.

Fool and Mereklar[]

Sometime prior to the building of the city of Mereklar, Takhisis was attempting to gain the loyalty of Bast. She wanted him for some new evil plot, and in exchange she would have a city built for his followers where they would be worshipped rather than hurt. Bast figured Takhisis had an ulterior motive, but in his pride thought that he could outsmart the Queen of Darkness. He agreed to her plan, but said he would make sure that nothing in his dominion would be harmed.

While this was going on Gilean was watching over a Human, named the Fool that all the gods wanted to have as a follower. The Fool was a rather carefree person and went to stay in a temple inhabited by a Creature of Morgion. Gilean wanted to help Fool but could not interfere directly. He approached Bast for help. Bast made a deal with him that he would help if the Gods of Neutrality would build the city Takhisis showed him and they agreed.

Before trying to go to bed, the Fool drew many cats on the walls of the building. Morgion sent his giant ghost rat into the temple to kill the Fool. Fool hid, and a fight ensued between the rat and something else. When Fool emerged, he found the rat dead and all the drawings of his cats had blood on their claws and fangs as if they had come to life to defend him.

Paladine had also chosen to watch over Fool, and also saw what Takhisis had been planning. He showed Bast that in the Abyss, there was an exact double of the city they were planning to build on Ansalon. Here were Cat-Fiends that would be unleashed upon Krynn. This would then become a gate for her to return to the world, but the Dark Queen could not build this city herself. The city was built, but Paladine helped in influencing the construction. The gateway would no work unless all the cats of Krynn were killed, and Bast vowed that he and his followers would forever protect the city, Mereklar, and the secret gateway.

City of Mereklar[]

In 348 AC, Bast was in the Abanasinia city of Mereklar protecting the gate as he had always done. Suddenly he found that his followers in the city were being killed. With the help of Caramon Majere, Raistlin Majere, and Earwig Lockpicker, they were able to prevent all the cats from being killed, and stopped the gateway from being opened. From there, it is unknown what became of him.

Kender Tale[]

He is sometimes referred to as a demi-god, but demi-gods do not exist on Krynn.


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