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The Battle at Margaard Ford was the fourth and final in a series of battles which was named The Vingaard Campaign. Starting in the spring of 352 AC, following the Battle of the High Clerist's Tower, and four days after the Battle of the Narrows, Laurana Kanan was going to continue her campaign against the Dragonarmies. When word reached her of the combined Blue Wing and Red Wing along with the Sanction Reserve were marching on her, she decided to play defensive. She moved her forces along the Vingaard River to a place called Margaard Ford. The ford was overflowing with snow run-off water from the mountains, so her troops would not be able to cross.

Instead, Laurana sends her silver dragons upstream to dam up the river to allow for her troops to cross the river. So as the combined wings converge upon her army's spot, she sent the brass dragons, bronze dragons, and gold dragons to go up stream to destroy the ice dam. The Copper dragons and Silver dragons would stay behind with the Whitestone Army and hold it against the combined wings. So on her mark, the dragons destroyed the dam and then chased a wall of water back as it destroyed the dragonarmies. No only was the army destroyed, but Heroes of the Lance Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Flint Fireforge were able to capture Highmaster Bakaris. With that, the dragonarmies ran for their lives, and the Whitestone Army along with their Golden General marched on to Kalaman and liberation.


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