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The Battle of Mason's Ford was a battle between the goblins of Ankhar's Horde, and the Knights of Solamnia who stayed in the town to defend it along with future Emperor of Solamnia Jaymes Markham and his Giantsmiter. Sir Rene, who commanded two-dozen militia roughly, along with Jaymes and Dram Feldspar, led the defenders. The goblins attacked with a regiment (several hundred) goblin foot and worg riders led by Ankhar himself.

The battle lasted through the first day, with the defenders holding the high ground near the millpond and setting bales of hay on fire. Archers from the mill tower showered the goblins with arrows continuously. The defenders had to retreat back to the water wheel, and there held a desperate defense. Jaymes used the power of Giantsmiter to crush the left flank of the attacking army, and caused the goblin army to retreat. The army moved on to Thelgaard.


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