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The Battle of Solanthus was a battle during the War of Souls that drove the Knights of Solamnia from their last major stronghold in the southern part of Solamnia. This was where Lord Goddard Tasgall commanded the mainland knights, and he had a garrison of about 5,000 foot and knights under his command. His sub-commanders were Lord Ulrich and Lord Nigel. Mina led several hundred Dark Knights to take the city by force. After only three days of conflict, the city fell in the early hours of the third day. The Dark Knights would have control of the city until it was liberated two years later in 423 AC.

The Siege[]

The siege of Solanthus began on the first day with the arrival of Mina and her several hundred supporters. Galdar lobbied to poison the water supply with nightshade, but Mina told her second to have faith, the city would be of no use to them if all the citizens were killed. Galdar proceeded to have extra tents put up, and have the soldiers mill about to hinder the defenders from counting their numbers.

Gerard uth Mondar pretended to be a Dark Knight from Qualinesti, and brought Odila Windlass as his prisoner to the camp. Mina showed Odila that the Knights were up against a true god, and this forever changed Odila. At the end of the first day, the two of them escaped to Solanthus to report on the numbers and the Dark Knight leader.

The second day was a waiting game, Mina consoled her soldiers to wait for reinforcements, while the Knights of Solamnia listened to what Gerard and Odila brought them. They refused to send help down to Qualinesti, which was why Gerard was sent in the first place. After hearing from the two knights, the lords began to plan an attack.

The Battle[]

In the very early morning hours of the third day, while it was still dark, the Knights of Solamnia and their ground soldiers mustered to sneak attack. The main gate was opened quietly, and the knights on horseback led the charge to encircle the camp. After the camp was encircled and the Dark Knights were corralled in the middle, the foot soldiers would attack the middle of the group and split it in two. This was the Knights of Solamnia plan, but the Dark Knights were already carrying out their own plan.

When the Knights of Solamnia figured out no one was in the camp, it was too late. A fog attacked the western part of Solanthus, blotting out the stars and anything else it touched. This was the attack by the souls following Mina and the One God. The army of souls advanced on Lord Tasgall and his army who had come out to attack the Dark Knights. The foot soldiers fled in terror before the souls reached them, while the Solamnic Knights were able to stand their ground. The souls brought terror to all that stood in their way, including the soldiers guarding the walls of Solanthus.

While all this terror was being spread, the Dark Knights had been hiding in their tents of the came. They came out and charged the Knights of Solamnia frozen in terror. The Knights fought a pitched battle against both the terror in their hearts, and the Dark Knights attacking them. The foot soldiers by this time had reached the gate to Solanthus, but it was barred. While they attempted to get their comrades to let them in, a huge explosion hit the wall and hundreds of tons of rock fell on them, killing hundreds.

Mina and her command, meanwhile, had been taken by dragonback into the city of Solanthus. There they had overthrown the few defenders left behind, and captured the city. The Knights of Solamnia were left standing outside of the city walls, and the city of Solanthus was firmly in Dark Knight hands. The surviving Solamnic Knights retreated to Sanction, to bring word of the fall of Solanthus and Mina’s intent to attack it next.