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The Battle of Throtl was the second in a series of battles which was named The Vingaard Campaign. Starting in the spring of 352 AC, more than two weeks following the Battle of the High Clerist's Tower, and shortly after the Battle of Vingaard Fortress. The Whitestone Army turned south and attacked the Green Wing while it was resting at Throtl. Most of the green dragons were killed within the first hour of the battle, and the rest of the Green Wing's forces there the ogres, goblins, and kapak draconians of the 4th Green Flight were attacked by the Knights of Solamnia.

The battle continued all day and when night finally came, the survivors of the Green Wing retreated into the Dargaard Heights to escape from being slaughtered. Highmaster Kadagh was captured during this battle, and was kept as a prisoner of war. This battle was another victory for the Golden General.


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