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The Battle of Vingaard Fortress was the first in a series of battles which was named The Vingaard Campaign. Starting in the spring of 352 AC, less than a week following the Battle of the High Clerist's Tower, General Laurana Kanan led the aerial forces of the Whitestone Army against Vingaard Keep in Solamnia. The elven griffon cavalry and Metallic Dragons of the Whitestone Army destroyed the blue dragons of the Blue Wing that rose up to confront them and then attacked the Keep itself. The mercenary infantry stationed in the Keep were routed, scattered to all directions, while the draconians that were there were almost completely destroyed. It was the freed prisoners of Vingaard Keep who first called Laurana the Golden General for the light that caught her long golden locks on the morning of the Keep's liberation.

After three days, the land forces of the Whitestone Army arrived, and Laurana had her dragons carry her army across the Vingaard River. It took three days to complete this task and during that time a flight of green dragons of the Green Wing tried to disrupt the crossing but were intercepted by the griffon cavalry and destroyed at a cost of a quarter of the griffon riders. The lost griffon riders were Laurana's first major casualties as a commander. Once her army was assembled on the far side of the river, Laurana chose to leave behind her vulnerable baggage trains and instead just live off the land to insure that her army would be able to move quicker than its adversaries.


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