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The Battle of Vingaard Keep ( 429 AC) took place between the armies of the Emperor of Solamnia Jaymes Markham and the forces stationed at Vingaard Keep under the command of Lord Kerrigan. Jaymes marched his Legion of Palanthas out from Palanthas, and the Crown Army from Thelgaard Keep under the command of General Dayr. Jaymes agreed to parley with Lord Kerrigan, who brought his son Blayne Kerrigan and two others with. The negotiations broke down and Jaymes ordered their arrest. Through the use of magic, Blayne was able to escape, but a Freeman killed Lord Kerrigan when he attempted to attack the Emperor. This brought on the battle between the two sides.

First Phase[]

The first phase of the battle was an attempt to cross a ford in the Apple Creek. Jaymes ordered first light infantry across, then heavy infantry, which met a stiff resistance of bowman, pikemen, and light infantry on the other side in the forest. They were repelled with great loss of life, and while they were retreating across the creek the forces of Vingaard attempted to attack them at the creek. Long bowman held off the attack to allow for the troops to retreat.

Second Phase[]

Jaymes marched his army past the crossing of Apple Creek, and straight into the delaying action by Captain Dobbs. Captain Dobbs had one thousand horsemen, and one thousand archers and foot soldiers to fight against Jaymes’ army. Many hundreds of Dobbs’ horses attacked a flank, and were met by Knights of the Crown. Even still, the lighter cavalry still pushed in, until they were driven off by ranks of spearmen.

A light cavalry sortie took place against the forces guarding the bombards. They were to distract the army there, while Blayne and his two hundred archers rained fire arrows down upon the bombards from the Southwood Forest. Two of the three bombards were destroyed in the process, and Jaymes vowed that no one from Vingaard Keep would survive for this.

Third Phase[]

Blayne realized that he missed one of the bombards and tried to surrender. Jaymes refused and started to bombard Vingaard Keep all through the day and into the night from a half of a mile south of Stonebridge. The goal was to destroy the three ancient towers of the Keep. The middle tower was the first to be destroyed, then another one. After a night of bombarding, Lady Marrinys Kerrigan surrenders to Jaymes, and the bombardment of Vingaard Keep ends.


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