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The Battle of the Citadel of Light was a battle in the War of Souls that took place between to forces of the Dragon Overlord Beryllinthranox with the Citadel of Light and the Knights of Solamnia stationed on Schallsea.

The Artifact[]

Beryllinthranox got word that the sorcerer Palin Majere had a powerful magical artifact called the Device of Time Journeying when he and Tasslehoff Burrfoot traveled through Qualinost. Beryl greatly desired the artifact and sent word to the Dark Knight Morham Targonne and Malystryx that she was going to attack the Citadel of Light to retrieve the artifact and Palin and after that she would withdraw. In her message she said that it was a private quarrel and that Malys should not get involved.

The Attack[]

Beryllinthranox and a number of red dragons carrying draconians flew over the New Sea to attack the Citadel. The dragons circled the Citadel to let their dragonfear affect the occupants as draconians troops jumped from their backs to search for Palin. The Citadel’s defenders were lead by the Knight of the Sword Lady Camilla Weoledge. The defenders were prepared to fight and the mystics of the Citadel had originally planned to use their magic, but their magic had waned over the years like those of sorcerers. The general populace of the Citadel and the surrounding villages evacuated to caves in the center of the island that had been stocked with food and water in case such an attack.

Palin Majere and Tasslehoff Burrfoot managed to avoid capture by escaping into the Hedge Maze. The red dragons burned down the maze in hopes of smoking them out. The two raced up the Silver Stair and just as a dragon was going to grab Palin he jumped from the stair and was teleported away by Dalamar the Dark.

During the attack, the Citadel of Light was greatly destroyed. The Meditation Lyceum and another completely collapsed. The top three floors of the Grand Lyceum collapsed in the attack. Also, the twin golden dragon statues that flanked the Citadel entrance were destroyed. After the attack, Beryllinthranox and her forces withdrew and reconstruction of the Citadel of Light started almost immediately.

Kender Tales[]

Once source refers to the battle-taking place on Sancrist Isle, but this is untrue. It was located on the Island of Schallsea.