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The Battle of the High Clerist's Tower (351 AC) was the turning point in the War of the Lance for the Knights of Solamnia. Until this battle, the Blue Wing, led by Dragon Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar, had marched across Solamnia, destroying all in their way before coming to the last defense before Palanthas.

Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan attempted to get assistance from Palanthas, but they refused thinking that the Tower would fall and they would then just submit to the Dragonarmies rather than put up a fight. So Lord Gunthar sent Laurana Kanan, Flint Fireforge, and Tasslehoff Burrfoot along with the newly found Dragonlances to assist in the defense of the Tower.

First Blood[]

Derek Crownguard was the commanding Knight of the Rose at the Tower and he ordered that all available troops muster for a direct charge that would break the Blue Wing. Lord Alfred MarKenin followed his orders for the Knights of the Sword, but Sturm Brightblade, a newly made Knight of the Crown and commander of them]], refused to send his troops out. He told Derek that this was foolish and they would be crushed. Derek would not listen, and he sent his troops out against the Blue Wing.

When the charge took place, Highmaster Bakaris ordered the 5th Blue Flight to break and run, but to then regroup and surround the Knights in a trap. Derek charged with his Knights and ground forces and was surrounded and the army was annihilated. Derek was the only known survivor, and Bakaris brought Derek’s and Lord Alfred’s bodies back to the tower. Bakaris then made an ultimatum for the Tower to surrender or face destruction. Laurana responded by shooting an arrow into his sword arm and refused to surrender. Lord Derek and the headless body of Lord Alfred were brought into the Tower; Derek then relayed what happened in his final moments of madness before succumbed to his wounds.

The next day the Blue Wing's ground troops attacked the tower in force. The defending Knights of the Crown repulsed the attack but at the cost of half of their number. The defenders expected they would be attacked again the next day and that this time the Blue Wing would also commit its dragons to the battle.

Dragon Orb and Victory[]

Tasslehoff found a Dragon Orb deep in the Tower in the Chamber of the Orb. He alerted Laurana to this, and she had the Knights arm themselves with Dragonlances to meet the blue dragons. When Kitiara attacked with only three blue dragons, backed up by the 4th Blue Dragonarmy, Sturm Brightblade faced the attacking dragons in single combat to give Laurana time to finish preparing her ambush. Kitiara killed Sturm but then Laurana successfully activated the Dragon Orb causing two of the blue dragons to be lured into the Tower where they were killed by Knights waiting there with Dragonlances. The Dragon Orb also caused the draconians in the Blue Wing to go berserk which set off a panic throughout the entire Blue Wing.

In the aftermath of the battle Kitiara confronted Laurana along the walls of the tower. The two women exchanged words with Kitiara taunting Laurana with the news that Tanis Half-Elven was sharing her bed in the city of Flotsam. Kitiara then departed to try and restore order to her routed army.

Following the burial of the Knights who had died defending the Tower along with Sturm Brightblade, Laurana traveled to Palanthas where the Whitestone Army was formed to begin the long road ahead to liberating Solamnia. Laurana was put in charge of the newly formed army, and she would begin what is now called The Vingaard Campaign.

Knights of Solamnia[]

A listing of the troops that were at the Battle of the High Clerist's Tower in 351 AC. Commander: Lord Aurik Archuran [absent]

Rose Brigade Commander: Lord Derek Crownguard

  • 1st Rose Elite Cavalry (20 heavy cavalry) - Sir Errol Gerant
  • 4th Rose Cavalry (60 light cavalry) - Sir Gavin Tancred
  • 3rd Rose Infantry (60 heavy infantry) - Sir Stuart Pentheus

Sword Brigade Commander: Lord Alfred MarKenin

  • 3rd Sword Elite Cavalry (15 heavy cavalry) - Lord Alfred MarKenin
  • 2nd Sword Cavalry (40 light cavalry) - Sir Mather Caradoc
  • 12th Sword Infantry (60 heavy infantry) - Sir Pax Garett
  • 9th Sword Archers (100 archers) - Sir Alan Fowler

Crown Brigade Commander: Sir Sturm Brightblade

  • 4th Crown Elite Cavalry (15 heavy cavalry) - Lord Michael Jeofrey
  • 4th Crown Cavalry (40 light cavalry) - Sir Oram Provost
  • 2nd Crown Infantry (60 heavy infantry - Sir Sturm Brightblade
  • 7th Crown Archers (100 archers) - Sir Xenos Lachian

Auxiliary Brigade

  • 200 recruited peasants who act as light infantry.


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